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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by polar69, Oct 8, 2005.

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  1. I have a powerpoint presentation to do and would quite like to put some film clips in it

    What software would I need to record a chunk of a dvd ?

    Anyone ?
  2. Do a search on google for dvd rippers, it lists a load of shareware programs that you can use to turn short clips (5min) of dvd into mpeg that will run on powerpoint.
    I used a couple of them for my own presentaions
  3. I have tried a couple of ripping software, and had limited success.

    At the moment, as I have a TV capture card, I play the DVD on my DVD player and using Microsoft's video maker software to convert the film into media format for windows.

    Tehre are other methods avaialbe but soem are expensive.

    However, I am open to ideas on how to simplify the process.

  4. ^I use DVD Shrink but you need to remember to change the file extension to .mpa to get it to run in .ppt
  5. Some one else suggested this in another forum.

    How easy is it to use Abacus, and how long winded is it?

    I might have to down load it and give it a go, though recording is not really a big problem considering how often I do it, but keeping hte DVD quality would be useful.

    any tips etc most appreciated.

  6. It's a doddle - very simple to use and very intuitive. And it is a small file so downloads quite quickly so worth experimenting just to see.

  7. Which file?

    whats the extension we have to change into mpa?

    So far seem seasy enough to use
  8. I have played around with DVD shrink, and is over all quite simple to use.

    Quality is good, and it is possible to just rip the bit of the film you want.

    #however it is quite untidy, creating several files,, which if yourename the title, in my experience does not seem t o play afterwaqrds. EAch clip also generates 5 or 6 files, so storing into appropiate directories is essential.

    For those who do not ahve a TV capture card, I would recomend it.

    However, I will probably continue to use the capture card, slightly more difficult to set up, but only creates one file which is recognsed easily by windows media player, and does not require any further tampering, downloading of codec's etc.