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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Jennie, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. What clips of films, TV shows etc have you seen used to aide in instruction?

    For example, I have seen:

    The Monty Python “how not to be seen “sketch used as part on introducing recruits to the skills of camouflage etc.

    The beginning of Saving Private Ryan, where some surrendering Germans are shot as an introduction to the law of armed conflict.

    Black adder goes fourth, the 20 minuter’s, an example of how not to instruct.

    There must be plenty of clips out there that people used or have experienced. Legal issues aside, what clips would you recommend for instruction; what teaching points, and why?

    Band of Brothers Episode 2 (the day of days) storming the German gun battery.

  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    As an Intro to recognition training, I used to show short clips from Zulu and Henry V to show how easy it used to be.

    Henry V by the way - at least the the Agincourt bit - is an excellent bit of film anyway, and really gets the old blood going :) Another great example of the Irish Army helping us out (at least for making this wonderful propoganda film!).

    Edit -

    For map reading, the bit in Blackadder where they produce a sketch map with elephants and factories is good, and for scale, also Father Ted where they are in a caravan, and Ted is explaining to Dougal the meaning of scale and distance - "These are small, those are far away"...
  3. Once went to School of Sigs in Blandford on visit from SEE in Arborfield and the intro to one of the sessions was a clip from Whoops Apocalypse where Rik Mayal leads an SAS unit on a very poor raid. P*ssed ourselves laughing for quite a while and was great ice breaker.
  4. 307

    307 War Hero

    Band of Brothers the bit where they take Carentan, as an intro to 'ex. Pegasus Storm' FIBUA training exercise, by the MOST airborne pissed sergeant ever.
  5. I've also seen Clint Eastwood, "Do you feel lucky, PUNK? Well, do ya?" to expain Rules of Engagement and Law of Armed Conflict.
  6. We Were Soldiers - various bits from chpters 12 to 14 for Manouevre Warfare.

    Ronin chapter 6 the bit where the arms swap goes wrong for the intro to the 7Qs.
  7. I used to have a clip of Mr Bean using jump leads and a lamppost to zap a heart attack victim, for first aid. Lost it though.

    Mr Bean rides again...I think
  8. thank you all so far for your suggestions.

    If there are sufficient suggestions, I will complile a list if tht would prove useful.

  9. The sniper scene in Full Metal Jacket where the squad lets loose with rifles, M60 and (did I dream it?) a LAW when they came under fire. Good for how not to do target indication, ammunition discipline etc.

    This did backfire once, though. I put the clip on and watched the Marines let rip and when it was over asked my class what was wrong in the video. Expecting sensible stuff about not wasting rounds etc got the eventual response:

    " they're Septics, Sir".
  10. 307

    307 War Hero

    Whats wrong with that picture is they had a column of tanks there, why waste valuable link and LAWs, when a few bursts from the coax and a HESH round into the building would really have ruined the occupants day.
  11. 'Army medicine in vietnam' is now available from BDFL on DVD. Strange that as not long ago it was banned from being used in a training establishment as 'we can't show that to the recruits, it could upset them'
  12. Well, for one, shooting back at the opposition makes you feel a whole lot better.

    I fired my rifle from my tank, even though my gunner was hosing down with the far more effective coax. As for ammo expenditure, our point of view is the ammo is there to be used, so use it!

    The 'How not to be seen' sketch is far and away the first clip that comes to mind.

    For some reason 'Men of Honour' (Courtroom scene) is used in the US Army for values training.


  13. But unfortunately the British tax payers prefer to spend money on education, health, unemployment beneficts rather than ammo.

    Another factor is the more rounds you fire, the more youhave to carry :) Again we dont have the luxury of fleets of choppers to delevier supplies to hard pressed grunts! :D

    But yes the "how not to be seen sketch" is so baltent and funny it is excellent.

  14. Black Adder goes forth.

    SECURITY is not a dirty word. Gusset is , jobby is etc.
  15. Now then, I'm sure that fellow arrsers are in possession of a large number of suitably entertaining video clips. I would like to suggest that someone, somewhere creates a repository of said clips, so that everyone has the opportunity to improve those dull powerpoint lectures. I may even volunteer to be that someone.

    It could simply be that people send in a CD with clips which one person collates and then sends out a CD with all clips on request. Obviously copyright issues may come to the fore, but if they don't know who we are...