Film about Maggie Thatcher


I see a film is being made about Maggie Thatcher focusing on the Falklands war.
I'm waiting now for the Leftys to start moaning and groaning and the Argentinians to start going on about how offended they are at the injustice of it all.
No doubt some Socialist Workers party nutters will picket various cinemas as well!!!
Any suggestions on who should play her?

Hers Truly?
HM Helen Mirren?
Brabara (sic) Windsor?

Sybil Fawlty, at the height of her evil powers gets my vote.
They should get the chap who played Manuel in Faulty Towers to play the Argies (all of them)

Ray Winstone to play the Commander of the Sub that sends The Belgrano (exclusion zone my arrse) to the bottom
You could also have a small cameo by an actor playing a young Tony Bliar.
Totally against the war,dead left wing and a member of CND.
He convieniently forgets all that now!
Greta Scaatchi did a very good Maggie in Jeffrey Archer the Truth. And fits the bill of women you fancy etc.
The only one who could do adequate justice to the role of Moggie the Dodger is Ann Widdecombe (because she's just as repulsive).


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