Filling PID's

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Lizard_Lips, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Hi all not sure if this is the right forum but, hopefully someone will know. When the powers that be fill the PID's in Bn's, do the people that are placed in such PID's need to be qualified for said PID? If so where are you likely to find the black and white that states so?
  2. Depends on the role of the PID. People can't always get on the pre-requisite courses before they take up an appointment.
  3. What if there's someone else qualified available?
  4. Not sure if this helps but i have been employed on a pilots pid for 24 months and i am not even a pilot!! Also there are various soldiers double pidded in my trade. Look at your TOR's for your job that is where the nuts and bolts are of the qualifications to report on you. Its my opinion and nothing out of the book but a pid is only a number on an excel spread sheet that DMA allocate per regiment/corps and it filters from there.
  5. What if there's someone else qualified available?

    Doesn't matter - it's up to the unit.
  6. Somebody got gifted a sh1t job then?
  7. On the Job Spec for the PID.
  8. PIDs and qualifications for them are only relevant when APC want them to be which is probably when you don't want them to be. The old adage "it's not what you know, it's who you know" always rings true.