Filling in a 1771

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Lumpy, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. Hi

    first post, and asking for advice already.

    my pay clerk is a bit of a mong, and refuses to show me how to fill in a 1771 correctly for meals that i bought travelling to and back from a recent course. i have the receipts, and a blank 1771 but no idea. can anyone help me with the correct way to fillit in so i can get my meal money back?

  2. Welcome to ARRSE. Ignore any abuse, it's inevitable from time to time.

    How about simply escalating this issue up the chain. If your pay clerk is such a nobber then perhaps there's an SPS SNCO who can help give him/her suitable 'guidance'. I dread to think what those tossers will be doing once we do all our own pay with JPA.
  3. Ha! JPA, what a waste of space. I recently tried to claim for something similar. In a drop down menu, it asked for 'UK' or 'Overseas', I selected UK and another drop down menu appeared, asking for country, England I wrote, nope, incorrect, so I tried all the home nations, nothing. I tried a county thinking it was a spelling mistake, nope! I placed in UK, nowt again. After asking my HR office, who didn't know, the JPAC told I me I should place United Kingdom in the box, WTF?! And that was only at the start of the claim, it only got worse.....................
  4. Hoorah for freeform text entry fields. Logical/cascading dropdown boxes would have been FAR FAR too expensive and patronising. Er....sarcasm off!
  5. thanks for the replies, but i'm TA, and the pay clerk IS the sps snco, so no joy in that direction.

    what im looking for is an idiots guide showing me how to fill the form in so that it cant be thrown back at me for some mistake. theres no help from anyone at the unit, cos were all in the same boat.
  6. Lumpy,

    I assume you are talking about a TA SPS SNCO? It isn't normally their function to do this sort of thing, the point of contact should be your normal admin chain - AO or PSAO, if you have no joy in that direction go through your normal chain of command as there is obviously something wrong in the admin set up. Failing that have a word with your RAOWO (NRPS not SPS (V)) who should be able to get a grip!