Fill your boots

didnt do what i asked stupid chicken no wonder kfc treat them how they do.

adonwar - smash the tv with your head
chicken- ?

adonwar- do 50 press ups
chicken leaves the room

adonwar-ok best effort then
chicken walks up and looks into the camera
It won't w@nk, sh1t, p1ss on the tele or choke itself.

Nor would it grab an axe and go the Yannie's house


War Hero
every 1 really ticked at this yannie person

u tell it to fart points his finger at u ???

chicken can die tho!!!
It'll do sit ... and jump .... but gives up after 7 reps... Tried bastardo's but it just stood there :lol: :lol: :lol:
It can do squats

But just squatted down then stood when asked to lay an egg!

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