Fill out our employment survey and you could win a Hamper

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KateCrosswaite, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. Are you ex-Forces? Help us to help you and your mates!

    Fill out our employment survey and you could win a £100 Christmas Hamper!

    Just click on the link below to access the survey:

    Poppyscotland has commissioned research to find out what help ex-Forces personnel need to find work – and how that help can be best provided.

    The report and its recommendations will go to the Government, the Heads of the Forces, and to all other veterans’ organisations.

    We are keen for as many veterans as possible to tell us about their experiences of looking for and getting a job outside the forces – and in particular about any hurdles you may have had to overcome.

    This survey – which should only take 5 minutes to complete – is also your chance to tell us about how job-finding services should be improved.

    Everyone who completes the survey will have their name entered into a prize draw – with the winner receiving a Christmas Hamper worth £100!

    The survey is anonymous and all responses will be confidential.
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  3. Done. Future iterations might be well served if they zeroed in a bit more on rank, experience and specialisation - that might help identify the pinch points a bit better. Subjectively, I suspect that ex-infantrymen affected by the experience of battle and leaving in their 20s might tend to have more trouble finding and keeping a good job than 40-year old retiring Foremen of Signals.
  4. You're more than welcome Kate....can I have my hamper now? :wink:
  5. Done, and it's mine all mine.
  6. done,

    Wine, nice cheeses, pickles but no tinned shoite in mine please!!
  7. Puzzled by the contradiction. See bold above.
  8. The prize draw is separate from the survey. Those wishing to enter the prize draw can enter their details for this purpose. Alternatively it is possible to complete the survey and remain anonymous. - Sorry if it is confusing and thanks for your input.
  9. Done and please send my hamper full of tinned stuff to biffins-bridge, cheers
  10. Impossible - its coming to me. :D

    Oh and done!
  11. Done !
  12. eer Kate I am still witing for that hamper?
  13. Judging by your avatar methinks it may be a "hamper too far" :)