Filipino Knocks Out John Bull in LT Weight Championship Bout

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by NathanHale, May 3, 2009.

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  1. Thanks for the link. :)

    Fantastic win by the PacMan. The first Round knockdown was superb: slipped Ricky's punch while landing a right hook of his own - at the same time! Absolute textbook counter-punching. 8)

    The knockout was one of the best I've seen. Hatton was out before he hit the canvas. And it came from almost perfect technique rather than brute power. :worship:

    I like Hatton; a very good boxer and, it seems, a decent bloke outside the ring. But it's time for him to retire. Zero chance of a re-match with PacMan: he was out-fought and out-classed.
  2. Thank god Im a fat lazy git I nearly spent £14.95 on 5 minutes entertainment! Time to give it up Ricky your still a hero to many, dont end up a pantomime star!
  3. Hatton was knocked out in the second round of his pound-for-pound fight with Pacquiao in the early hours of this morning (GMT). His technique was noticeably poor, he was unconscious before he hit the floor, and even his trainer Mayweather Snr has said that he 'didn't listen to his training' and 'should retire'.

    Can Hatton come back from such a disastrous fight or is the end for him?

    This is the second fight he has lost in his entire career....but does that mean it's the end? Or should Britain get back behind one of our most prized fighters who has so many wins and KO's under his belt?
  4. He should retire NOW
  5. God only knows what Hatton was thinking, he was fighting wild there in the second, leaving himself wide open to a quick dangerous opponent. It makes you wonder what the hell all the preparation was for when he threw the plan out the window the second the bell went.

    Hopefully now he's going to retire, although i can almost here the Amir Khan camp thinking about taking him on now.
  6. Went pub yesterday at 1pm, my whole day was about the boxing. 14 odd hours later the boxing is nearly on....i fall asleep.

    Just caught a replay, that was a complete destruction. It was terrible to watch him get done like that.

    Time to end it although id still like him to put Witter to sleep before he goes and go out on a high.
  7. Hatton is past his best, but he's got too much firepower for Khan.
  8. ...yes and Khan. He's got nothing to loose and a shite load of money to make if they stick that one in City's stadium, both local lads too.

    I cant wait for Maywether vs Pacman...predictions?
  9. After this? PacMan. :D

  10. Hopefully it'll be happening, the thing with Mayweather is that he always seems to do just enough, or just step up that little bit and put away the challengers.

    I'm also a bit sceptical about how to take last nights performance, Pacquiao shows his speed and power, but Hatton fought like an amateur and didn't even make Manny break sweat, he just moved around the ring while Hatton chased him and then struck while Hatton was swinging wildly and leaving himself wide open.
  11. Freddie Roach could of beat Hatton last night.

    He's a victim of his own success. He keeps trying the spectacular for the fans that follow him everywhere and in the process keeps getting his head banged off. He should of boxed for himself, not the fans, if that makes sence??
  12. My money would be on Witter in that fight, but its a fight that will never happen.
  13. I think he should have one more in the UK to repay the fans.