File swapping and File sharing, is it wrong?

Or do the music and film companies make enough money, and it's only a reaction to the high prices?


they are ripping us off enough as it is ! i say fuk em, in europe and america they pay up to half of what we are paying, they didnt call us "rip off britain" for nothing
Couldn't give a monkey's bollocks, but i suppose it is like you buying a nice TT for 30k and everyone else nicking on, of course people who buy them could always start just nicking them too, but then Audi would go bankrupt..... As i said, couldn't give a ****.
I've got to admit, I'm a big user of File-Sharing. Enter the police to confiscate my computer, and my gigs of MP3s! NOOOO!
Anyway, this is what gets my goat. It's costs about 50p to burn a CD. And they're then sold for about £12 in the shops, right? Hmm...something's not quite right there. If the artists claim to be "just doing it for the music," then why sit high and happy on a pile of cash?
Seems a bit of a fix to me, that's all.


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I have no qualms about recieving free music and no sympathy for the companys I'm not paying for it. CD's cost pennies to mass produce, and while I'm willing to admit that everyone has to make a living I'm not willing to play to the blatent profiteering of the music industry. Hence CD writer, multizone DVD player etc.

As a slight extension to the topic what would people be prepared to pay for individual songs? £1? 50p? a camel 1 of the wives and 2 turnips?
equalise the prices and I'll stop ripping off the companies!

they would have to drop our prices rather than raise them in the rest of europe and the US.

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