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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Yes_Sir!, Aug 2, 2005.

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  1. If you ever had a chance and all this file sharing was legal, what site would you most likely use.

    What would you use it for. Music, Games etc.......

    IRC Spy
  2. Well it’s not legal, and as large companies are now hunting down file swappers and rewarding them with thousands of pounds in fines, it’s not really worth it.
    So what’s your point?

    Although saying that, I used to use Napster before they started charging.
  3. Bit torrent, King for movies, pron and everything else! you'll need a 20 gig share of most sites. There are plenty of ways of hiding your Net ID.
  4. eDonkey! Provided me with 120gb of music and around 10gb of movies. Unfortunately, I believe it's now being monitored by the net nazi's.
  5. Limewire Pro give me mate good quality downloads, and over 10gb of them, couldnt live with out it, ace for music, software and pron
  6. I have relaible intel that says bit torrent is great, however, I wouldn't know as i'm a good boy sir!
  7. my "friend" uses limewire, emule or morpheus all are great for music and pron
  8. bittorrent azuereus is meant to be good
  9. I have a "friend" that uses Bit Torrent and the following site..... but I have told him that he shouldn't :)
  10. my mate :wink: said BITTORRENT is the dogs danglies :lol:


    I would never encourage anybody to do something that is unlawful. But the por* is Fantastic :twisted:
  11. I use torrent, Its the dog bollocks. You all know how to hide on the net [​IMG]
  12. 1.
    2. "Spoofing" forum with Tutorial
    3. Your right-hand will love you forever.
  13. Bear share is quite good, apparently, bloke said down pub.

  14. That site won't let you in.

  15. Board offline. Doh.