'File on Four' on BBC R4 earlier today

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Dec 12, 2004.

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  1. Anyone hear this programme today Sunday?

    A better programme IMO than you might think from that listing, with a contribution from Paul Beaver. Specific incidents covered were Minimi ND, chain gun 'undemanded fire' ND, TA Shaibah ND court martial and RMP deaths in MAK. (However this is not the place I suggest for 'what really happened' replies. :wink: )
  2. The biggest killer is RTA's.
  3. I would venture to say based on US experience that deaths caused by accidents account for the largest percentage of casualties. The percentage for us has been around the 40-50% level. Many of the US accidents may be attributed to fatigue as they were caused by vehicle accidents of one type or another.
  4. According to the programme, fatigue was a major (and in this case, avoidable) factor in at least one of the deaths.

    A big subject in itself. Btw we dont issue amphetamines.
  5. Listening to the link at the moment, but can't see how "unfamiliarity" or "lack of training" on a new weapon would induce someone to clear a stoppage by kicking the weapon, while holding their hand across the muzzle? And surely, training teaches you to take extra care when suffering fatigue?

    I don't say this to suggest blame in any direction, but am genuinely puzzled how someone who has passed basic training, let alone made Lcpl, could be so thoughtless in the handling of ANY weapon, whether properly familiarised or not.

    Does no-one mention that weapons are dangerous anymore?
  6. That link works fine, but the programme will be updated after Tuesday (Sunday's was a repeat).

    This link is for the File On Four homepage, which illuminates further, although the transcript for that broadcast isn't available yet.