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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Good CO, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I haven't seen mention of this on the site - File on 4 yesterday:

    "With a Parliamentary report expected to add to criticism of Whitehall's defence purchasing systems, Gerry Northam asks why it seems so hard to buy the right equipment for our forces."

    On iPlayer here:
  2. I posted an oblique reference yesterday during the programme. It contains 'stuff' we should not as a nation, or tax-payers, be proud of or happy with.

    Thanks for a more prominent and appropriate posting.
  3. Listen to the bit when James Arbuthnot says there is a trade off between money and lives. (Of course there is).

    Quentin Davies flatly denies it, saying, not for the first time, our troops get the "best kit money can buy". He lies. In fact, he doesn't come across well on any subject, be it helicopters, infantry kit, vehicles.

    The report ends by telling us to watch out for a Public Accounts Committee report next week on armoured vehicles.
  4. Quentin Davies sounds completely out of his depth - either totally unaware of his brief or lying outrageously (and incompetently) for spin purposes.

    Of course there is a trade off between cost and effectiveness of kit, even without taking into account time-to-delivery. This is so simple a matter of economics it is clearly politically unconscionable.

    Of course there is a huge budget issue, largely driven by the procurement overruns, which is now having militarily significant impacts on all other areas of spending.

    And the Puma retread being a good idea? I loved the Squadron Leader's "at least I'll not have to retrain to another helicopter type". Pointless, narrow empire focussed thinking. Well, he is a crab ...
  5. Sat in the car listening to it, the minister lied. Was tad dusty hearing about the sjt who died in a vector.

    2000 tonight there is a debate on R4 hosted by Eddie Mair.

    For some more
  6. Criminal.
  7. Just caught this.

    Much was the wringing of hands. And lying like a b'stard.
    I'd give my eye teeth to see that smarmy twat in the front of any of the "steadily improving" wastes of maintenance time that have cost so many, so much.(1)

    I hadn't realised how poor the availability of Mastiff was. I'd love to see the defence of the terms of the contract from the "MoD is doing it's best" bunch.

    (1) Any Tp/Plt Cpl to choose a route of a min of 8Km length. (2)
    (2)Let it not be said we are not equal opportunity put up or shut up testers.
  8. Quentin Davies made a real Cnut of himself over the Vector issue, saying it was introduced 2 years ago as a replacement for Snatch. He obviously forgot the interview he gave a year ago when the SAS Major resigned over the use of Snatch Landrover, which led to 3 of his team being killed.

    Complete denial from Davies. Lets hope the good people of Grantham and Stamford remember him when it comes to election day.
  9. Quentin Davies...a true Lincolnshire MP...the man who put the c--t in Scunthorpe!