File on 4 Tuesday 30th Jan 07

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. This programme should be worth listening to. It investigates 'The MOD's treatmrnt of injured soldiers and the families of the dead.
  2. Starting now

    it's OK - I'm not in this one!

    Should be worth listening to.

  3. Ta skynet,
    on it now - eye opening
  4. All the signs of an overstretched army with inadequate resources and short of time with MOD politicians trying to cover up. I rather suspect that the army will be in for a very rough time in the next few months. The resources in terms of personnel and equipment are just not there to cope with any upturn in commitments which may occur in the next few months.
  5. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Depressing to listen to.

    I was south from where Jason Smith was, same time ,July 2003.

    Daytime temp was 53 degrees C then...127 degrees Fahrenheit.... just warming up for summer.....I was lucky to have moved into the TDA.

    The point about no cold water really brought it back to me. Pallet loads of bottled water and everyone getting through three or four 1.5 litre bottles every day. Filled my shower bag with water from the green bean in the morning and put it in the shade to keep cool till nightime.

    Don't recall being issued with any card on heat illness though. I'd taken some Isostar with me, drank a lot of tea and wasn't out in the sun on foot wearing a helmet and CBA.

    God rest him.
  6. If you missed it live, download / Listen Again /Podcast versions are all available online

    Not sure for how long.
  7. And will be repeated on Radio 4 this Sunday (4 February) at 17:00.