Fijians trash the JHQ Rheindahlen rooms

This Saturday was a massive part for all the Fijian soldiers and their families celebrating Fijian independence. The Rheindahlen Rooms were used at JHQ BFPO 40 and various customary foods, dancing and general celebrations took place.

After the odd bevy the Fijians gathered into their cliques and preceded to, what I can only describe as tribal warfare, wreck the place whilst fighting and chaos reigned supreme. No arrests were made, I found this episode totally unacceptable, yes European soldiers have “kicked off” before but arrests are usually made and the discipline machine usually kicks in.

No Fijian will be disciplined and they are going to be left alone. The total bill for the damage will be at least ten thousand euros! Here we see yet another example of left wing right on policies going mad! An unofficial order has come from the highest command in Germany to treat the Fijians as equals and to turn a blind eye to their lack of discipline.
An unofficial order has come from the highest command in Germany to treat the Fijians as equals and to turn a blind eye to their lack of discipline.
I fail to see how they can be treated as 'equals' and for no action to be taken. Equality means 'equality', treated as equals not as special. All too often 'the management' try so hard to be race, sex or sexuality friendly and only end up causing resentment amongst the rest of the world.

If a unit held a do and caused damage they'd get a bill and there'd be dicipline, if a rugby club caused damage they'd get a bill and there'd be dicipline..... so surely if a group of Fijians caused damage give them a bill and follow it up with diciplinary action.... anything else will just cause resentment and provide the few real racists with fuel for their arguments.

Equal is equal is equal.... or should be.
BFPO said:
The total bill for the damage will be at least ten thousand euros!
What's that in English?

You see thats what happens when you give them blankets, whisky and fire sticks!
Significantly, this is the first I have heard of this despite our Garrison having sent a very large contingent to JHQ for this thrash. There may well be god reason (but I doubt it!) why it has been decided not to pursue individuals but the organisers need to be held to account if damage has been done to communal facilities.

It would be of concern to me - and, I suspect, representatives from other Regiments in the Garrison - if we were harbouring a few wayward children who need to be reigned in. If anyone knows any more details, therefore, please do post them.

We are at risk of become over sensitive to the needs of a minority here and, notwithstanding all that they are able to contribute, they must learn to play by our rules and be aware of what is and is not acceptable behaviour.

[RangiRam steps down from his soapbox]
By way of comparison..... a very similar thing happened at the brand new Joint Services Staff College when the first Army Junior Division went through. The new building at Watchfield is a PFI project that cost £200M, was opened by the Duke of Edinburgh, etc.
140 Army Capts had a dinner night and caused approx £40k (so I heard) worth of damage with all the usual horses, motorbikes and cars(!).
You can imagine how the wrath of the brass descended..... an RMP inquiry followed and exactly no-one was charged. The problem, as always, is trying to figure out who is to blame....
The problem is also exasurbated by them knowing that they can get away with lots of things by playing the racist card. This does not mean they are all bad. There are some fine Fijian Soldiers coming through. Two of them in my last unit worked very hard and shone above many troops born and bred in UK. They were, and no doubt still are, a credit to their country. There are however always going to be exceptions. It is up to the command elements to understand that being overly PC can lead to these hoodlums getting away with too much. It is time that the bull is taken by the horns and that purportrators are dealt with accordingly. If it means they are discharged, then so be it. This would send a message out to all the would be idiots who think they are bullet proof. It is however finding someone who has got the balls to do it. They are few and far between nowadays.
They've had a current total of 3 military coups. First one in '87, then a rather odd one in (I think) 1991 when the leader of the first coup couped his own government (work that out), and most recently in 2000 after democracy was restored in 1996 and new elections held in 1999. What's behind it is the split between the Fijian and Indian populations - the Fijians own the land and dominate the army (very broad generalisation), and assume that they rule the roost, the Indians do the work (even broader generalisation) and don't like it. Both the 1987 and 2000 coups were triggered when an Indian was elected prime minister.
I feel after years of recruitment from this island of rugby players we have had the best and we are now starting to get the rubbish filter through.

Whilst serving in Aldershot the PWRR had one of their prized Fijians go AWOL. However he was found living with the manageress of the Goose by the RMP.He was returned to the PWRR, where the RSM ordered him to be locked up. The Adjt intervened and said that as long as he gave hes word not to leave camp until the matter was delt with he could stay out of jail....I was informed that the Fijian did send the Adjt a nice post card from France.

They may act dumb but they are as cunning as that other pain in the backside, the gurkha :twisted: :twisted:
well at least all germany units know where to hold your xmas doo and smash the place up free of charge and have nothing said or done against you

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