Fijian Day - Wattisham

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by CQCQCQ, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. As the dad of one of the poor school children who were bussed up to Wattashame yesterday to see this "spectacular", then forced to sit at the back where they couldn't see and then refused the Fijian scran because it was for the VIPs and squadies, I do wonder if the Army really does enjoy shooting itself in the foot PR wise. No1 son's best bit of his crap day was "driving through the camp"!

    As a scalley we have the White Helemts, the AAC seem to want to show the backs of VIPs to their public.

    Rant over.


  2. Lick the back of an Alkaseltzer and start again...

    What open day, what Fijians?
  3. My mistake Wattisham's Fijians at Wattisham
  4. Ah, now I understand..... :roll:
  5. Write to your MP. Tell him the Army aren't doing a good job in the PR dept. I'll bet it's high up on the list next to 'Fighting in Stan/Iraq'.

    Are you the type who used to write in to Barry Took on Points of View complaining that the licence fee wasnt enough?

    Yours digruntled,
    Lemington Spa
  6. Do they have an 'English Day' there too? Thought I'd ask.
  7. No I am not that type at all.

    Pissing off 100 primary school kids and their teachers ain't helping the PR drive is it.
  8. I'm sorry, CQCQCQ, but could you, in something approaching English, tell me WTF you are on about. So far I've gathered that a number of primary school children have been to something to do with Fijians at Wattisham, and that you blame the Army for this being poo. Surely Wattisham is an RAF base? Where does the Army figure in 'schoolchildren and their opinion of a day at an RAF base?'
  9. CQCQCQ,

    I appreciate what you're trying to get across. Stating your frustrations on here is about as useful as a company of French infantry in Afghanistan. It'll be here, but nobody of any value will see it.

    If you feel this strongly what I suggest what you do is to write to the powers that be in Wattasham or 16 Bde and air your views, then somebody with some real self-importance and influence will give it a damn good ignoring.

    The Army is all about nepotism, the hierarchy really don't care about the public, or even their soldiers, they want to look good in front of their peers and superiors ready for the next OJAR.
  10. Blimey, welcome to the 21st century. Where have you been hiding for the past 13 years?????
  11. Somewhere where communication is the idea of telling people things in a coherent and understandable way that conveys information: are you saying that Wattisham is now an Army base?
  12. Letters are winging their way to the Station Commander as I type.

    Your second point is well made.
  13. Yup has been for Oh at least ten years. Supposedly the largest military helicopter base in Europe ( 2 x AAC Regts with a TA one due in soon and 1 X REME Btn IIRC), and one assumes home to some Fijians.
  14. Just read a few of the threads on this part of the forum, they've been communicating this piece of information for years.

    So, to spell it out for you, Wattisham has been an Army base since 1993. (Yes, for the pedants, I know that we let out part of the real estate to the jolly nice SAR types so they have somewhere to park their pipes and slippers).
  15. See? There's our problem in this thread... Why should one assume this? It's on a par with saying that 'the Peruvian day at RAF Fairford was poo'... Peruvians? WTF? I'm beginning to glimpse the meaning behind your original comment, but it's taken valuable minutes of my life that will never be regained... :roll: