Fiji military chief stages coup

Fiji's military commander has seized control of the country, marking the fourth coup in two decades.
Cmdr Frank Bainimarama said in a televised address he had assumed executive powers and dismissed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.

Cmdr Bainimarama accused the prime minister of corruption and leading Fiji on a path of doom.

Well there's a surprise.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard earlier said he had turned down a request from Mr Qarase to send troops to prevent a coup.

"The possibility of Australia and Fijian troops firing on each other in the streets of Suva was not a prospect that I for a moment thought desirable," Mr Howard said.

Really Mr. Howard? I could swear what you meant to say was "It's not worth the light Bruce"
Presumably the DS from BRNC that taught him how as a cadet have watched each coup with ever increasing pride?


Can hardly blame him. I was in Fiji on holiday back in 2000 when George Speight staged his coup, was only 3 days of my holiday left to run so didn't spoil it :D. I went back to oz and watched with interest it all unfold. The Army kept out of it while it remained peaceful but then Speight and his co-horts started to get stroppy so the Army stepped in and put it down.

Now the (ex) PM wanted to grant a pardon to all those currently in jail for treason and let them out. Thats asking for trouble so the Army said no. The PM then tried to remove Bainimarama which is like poking a hornets nest with a stick then being surprised when you get stung. Politicians, derserve everything they get....


Just heard on BFBS radio that the UK hs withdrawn military aid to the country.

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