FIJI - coup fears (again)

Fiji military stokes coup fears

Fiji's military has said it will conduct night-time exercises to secure strategic areas of the capital, Suva, citing fears of "foreign intervention".

Bainimarama had warned of a government "clean-up" if it did not bow to his non-negotiable demands.,20867,20843383-1702,00.html

Australia begins Fiji embassy evacuations
AUSTRALIA has begun a voluntary evacuation of the families of Australian high commission staff in Suva ahead of a military "exercise" to prepare Fiji for foreign forces entering the country.
Earlier in the day, the military said it would "strongly oppose any foreign intervention" in Fiji, where threats of a military coup have raised tensions.

Fiji police chief goes on leave
Fiji's Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes has taken his leave to join his family in Brisbane, Australia today.
Police Senior Superintendent Jahir Khan confirmed to that the commissioner is currently in Australia where he will be taking his leave with his wife Vicky, and two children.
It is understood he was threatened while in Fiji and was moved to an undisclosed location in Suva a few days ago for his safety.

bad sign when the head upholder of 'law and order' has to do a runner for personal safety reasons

In the crisis affecting Fiji, the army says it will not back down because the Government is wrong;
the police cannot back down because they must uphold the law;
and the Government will not back down because it says it has a mandate to introduce new laws.
Who is right and who is wrong – and how does Fiji solve this dilemma without bloodshed?

coups and impasse for 20 years now. and at every crisis the situation seems to be getting more polerized with higher tensions.

its not going to be a pretty end to this standoff, nor one which is going to be solved in less then a few generations.


Fiji army head sets coup deadline

Fiji's military chief Cmdr Frank Bainimarama has warned he will overthrow the government on Friday, unless his demands are met

The current turmoil stems from his vehement opposition last year towards legislation that could grant amnesties for Mr Speight - now serving life for treason - and the other coup plotters, who wanted to depose the first ethnic Indian prime minister in favour of indigenous Fijians.
It could also have an impact on soldiers - whose unit were involved in the 2000 coup - jailed for staging a mutiny six months later at a military barracks, forcing Cmdr Bainimarama to flee for his life.
Cmdr Bainimarama feared the new law would once again inflame the island's racial tensions, where Fiji's ethnic Indians make up around 40% of the 900,000 population.


I'm with Bainimarama on this one. If you stage a coup with the audacity that Speight did then let him off you pretty much are sure of a repeat.

At the end of the day like Turkey and Pakistan the Army in Fiji are the arbiters of government. Pi$$ them off and out you go. Idiots in government start to beleive their own spin and then look what happens...Musharref(sp) anyone :)


Well according to the beeb, unless their PM stands down, the show kicks off at noon, local time, which is midnight GMT. So the question of the day is, do you think they'll show it live or will I have to wait for the extended highlights tomorrow?

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