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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brettarider, May 28, 2012.

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  1. On Sat my car was parked up for what I thought would be the night when the O/H see's one of the twats from across the way drive a purple punto out the drive hit into mines. As he drives away he looks up at her and notices he's been clocked.

    I go over to the house and the owner of the car blurts out he's taken it without her consent and he's not insured for it. So we phone the police and are advised to make a statement down the cop-shop I take photo's of the damage/where car was parked and a pick of his own car which is still in the drive.

    Go down to the cop shop and do the statement cop admitts the twat is well known to them and due to the hue of his skin is a bit disinctive around the local area. We also make it known we have susspions he's D&Ding as he was seen by other neighbours last weekend on the sauce before driving off and crashing his car.

    When I get back the twat tries to get lippy and you can smell the drink off his breath. Police called again when he sees them he does a bunk. The car that damaged mines isnt there.

    They re-enter the house at some point during the night and when the police catch up with them yesterday claim the car was never there (neighbours have confirmed to police it was) He's now saying he didn't realise the car had been hit when he was reversing out and the car he was using was his own which is a met blue MG 25. And he's fully comp. Now this is the bit I cant get my head around if he's fully comp then why not say you were driving the car in question? The owner of the car has changed her story saying that she had just woke up and wasnt with it when she made the statement to us about him taking the car.

    They have had a few hours to sort out a story which is to cover his arse no doubt. I know the police have took interest in it in the past and looked over it again last night plus it's not registered to the girl who owns it so I'm wondering if it's being used to shift smack or similar about.

    Police have no doubts he done what we have stated and will be keeping an eye out for both his car and the otherone due to the drink driving issues. On the plus side the owner of the house isnt very well liked in the street and the neighbours are now going to take action against him for his cuntish behaviour and his dusky friend who caused the RTA may be looking for another place to get his head down as he's only temp living there.

    O/H has told me not to use brake fuild or tamper with their cars incase of come backs so over to you lot.
  2. Burn his fucking house down. You know it makes sense...
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  3. I'd use the cnuts own break fluid over his own car.

    Guaranteed youll then be facing a 7 strectch for section 22A of the road traffic act 1988 plus criminal damage.

    Knobhead would get a palrty fine and a ban for being the real dangerous twat
  4. Shit on his bonnet

    Sent from my brick using poo stained fingers
  5. Move to a better area of the UK? You pikey :)
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  6. I stay ina better area GF's street is OK apart from this fukwit and another who is down to move soon. Still she'll be selling up.
  7. Well if your defensive minefield isn't working I'm not sure what other options are left...
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  8. Pay me and I'll deal with the car. It will be extra to deal with the cunty one(s)
  9. I'd like to cornhole your avatar pic. Just thought I'd mention that.
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  10. Let the chav have a go on your missus, it will take his mind off the boy racing.
  11. You wouldn't. She wears a 9x9 now for a dress.
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  12. Surely if it hit some mines it would have blown up. Why are there mines on your street?
  13. A knackered wreck with more than a few miles on the clock and more previous owners than a pair of HMP undercrackers?

    I doubt it.

  14. High tides they float up from Beuforts dike in the Irish sea
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