Fightng For UKs Future

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by K9-Soldier, Jul 11, 2009.

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  1. Having read the BBC News from far away places I see that David Miliband Foreign Sec is trying to defend the Governments position on Afghanistan by stating that your war is to defend the UK. I was given the opinion that the war and invasion of Afghanistan was to give them the right of self governance and therefore ownership of their future.

    If we needed to defend the UK could that not better be dealt with by upgrading National Borders and Immigration Control and bringing back to the UK troops serving in that theatre.

    Sir Jock Stirrup seems to think that there are signs for optomism in Afghanistan doubt through rose tinted glasses of number 10 Rose'.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated
  2. Yes, but that would upset the rest of Europe wouldn't it? Where else would these poor asylum seekers and immigrants have to go otherwise? In a country without decent benefits? Surely not!

    We import terrorists and pay them for the privilege.
  3. The UK we are fighting for is the UK that still lives on in places like Wooton Basset, not the failed New labour social experiment, not to be a small province of a Federal Europe and so on.

    Put simply, we fight for a country in which people like Blair, Brown, Mandleson, Ainsworth and all the rest of the UK hating scum will never be allowed to wield political power ever again.
  4. Though I don't think your ideal Britain will last much longer.
  5. The undermining of the armed forces under labour is a deliberate policy as part of their federal europe project.

    That policy is costing good mens lives and is now beginning to bite Brown and co on the arrse.

    They are no longer able to fool all of the people any of the time.

    The real war is at home, it is one we must win, it is a battle we WILL win.

    My ideal Britain hasn't happened yet.
  6. With the amount of rabbit like breeding persons of an asiatic background that New Labour have let in, I reckon we will be a minority in a very short time, somtimes I am glad I have no children who will be left in this Labour destroyed crap hole
  7. Careful folks, a thread like this, is just asking for whet and his treehugging companions to surface and brand you all BNP supporting biggoted racists.

    I for one, cannot wait for the revolution.

    It wont be the fugees first to go, it will be the treehugging veggi PC human rights lot, if I had my way.

    For the religious amongst you

    If God wanted us to be vegitarians, we would all be cows

    For the none religious

    Eat some meat you pasty faced skinny stinking hippy do gooding tw@'s
  8. Well history shows us exactly what happens when a people are threatened with destruction... a tipping point is always reached and they ALWAYS fight back. It may be via the ballot box, or, if the democratic process is compromised (As it is in this country) then other more direct methods may be employed.

    I suppose an analogy would be finding that squatters have moved in with you but the law protects their rights over yours. Sooner or later you are probably going to snap like an irate science teacher.

    The process is already starting in NI.
  9. Edited because, on reflection, I was obviously incorrect in my assumption.
  10. Like the Mayans and Aztecs?
  11. It's obviously not racist to love your country, to want the best for it and to stand up for what you believe in.It's no good wallowing in nostalgia for the England of long ago. In a few years time Birmingham will have a majority population of non-white minorities. Then all the other major cities will follow and eventually the countryside. This is inevitable. we have to deal with it by incorporating these people and teaching them what it means to be English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish. We can't allow people to retain their 'own' culture and language otherwise it WILL destroy our own. Food for thought.
  12. Seems like all the drippy, dippy, lefties are still in their beds. No-one has called you the racist fascists that you obviously are. Yet. :eek:
  13. Millibrand's a babbling fool who makes my blood boil. If our guys are fighting for the future of britain, why werent they given the tools and equipment for the job from the outset. Where are the helicopters they need and the mind protected vehicles? Millibrand is turning mens lives into soundbites for the gullible. Where is the big plan for Afghanistan? Why are the lily livered, yoghurt knitting thieves of DFID not taking a strong line with the Afghan govt to ensure the money that is given to them doesnt just disapear into their pockets and that they support the allies efforts strongly and visibly. Where is the development plan for Afghanisan? Millibrand must think that, like Rorkes Drift, the chaps will eventualy overcome the enemy againsty all odds and he will emerge triumphant. Well I have news for my Mr. Bloody Millibrand, our men are fighting for their lives in Afghanistan. So get off your arse and give them what they need to win the battles and reduce casualties. Slimy toad.

    Must take a blood pressure tablet.

  14. And there you have the problem, we do not make them intergrate, we allow people to come here, and let them set up communities or enclaves and continue as if they were still at home.

    This has been my bug bare all along, this is England, not Asia, Africa or any other dump you have had enough of, come here by all means, but do as we do, dont bring your ways to our shores.
    If you want to continue living as you do at home, then go back, its that simple.
    If you come here to have a better life, then what you left behind was surely no good to begin with, so why carry it on here?

    As the Australian PM said in his speech, this is Australia, we are a white christian nation, if you dont like our ways and laws, then you are free to go home, but do not come here and complain when we dont do things to suit you.

    And I feel its a real shame we are not more like that, we have lost our nation because we allow others to come here and call the shots.

    Intergration, the biggest joke since hitler said, " I want to be a jew"

    Intergrate by all means, just a shame they dont.
  15. Except for you trowel :)