FIghting without the US - SoS Defence

That wouldn't even come close to cracking it. It'll need 10s of Billions to be able to fight a heavy-metal war against anyone who isn't armed with sharpened mangos.

It's difficult though, because the obvious alternative is to assume that we'll always be able to rely on US support and history tells us that's an extremely dangerous assumption. Or we can decide that we don't want to be able to fight wars overseas and we can step back from the global stage.

All of those options have positives and negatives but sadly the government has to pick one of the three. Personally, I'd go for the 'spend enough to be able to fight' option but then I'm a soldier so I would say that.
If CASD get taken out of the MOD budget we may have a chance.


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I've just read the headline article. If the US stepped back from international leadership there would still be the remaining contributions of the 5E and NATO to operate with, it wouldn't mean never operating with the US again, or at variable levels, it would just mean more interoperability and interchangeability which is what a lot of people in MoD have been suggesting is required for some time anyway.

There are some areas where we are hugely dependant upon US capability but equally there are areas where they really want the 5E contribution, so I don't think its as black and white as it may seem to some.
If true, this probably means a coherent reappraisal of the Defence Planning Assumptions and consequent impact on force structures and contributions to the SAG scenarios. No bad thing, but could go one of two ways :

1. It's all too difficult to do this, we'll pretend that this particular situation is so unlikely to happen we won't have to plan or structure for it.

2. If this situation happens and the US don't play, we will need to do X. To do X we'll need Y of which we'll provide these assets and plan and train with our allies (1,2 and 3) who will provide these other assets.

I hope it's the latter.
Uncle Sam was very helpful; int, latest Sidewinder missiles and the offer of an aircraft carrier sans crew...
But actually lots of satellite time; some replacement Sidewinders; lots of diplomatic back up.
All very useful, saved time, saved worse decisions from being made, and therefore lots of lives.
I think we would still have won that one without American help, but it would have still been a 'close one' , but with even more casualties.
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