fighting troops loosing out on tier 2 accomodation in afghan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mgs81, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. Watchkeepers from 11 light brigade have decided to take over the tier 2 accom in bastion for herrick 11 leaving the guys deploying on the ground for weeks on end having to come bak and spend their down time in sh##y tents! I personally feel these f##ks are taking the piss as they never leave the safety and security of camp, so why oh why should the boys on the ground risking their lives and limbs have to come bak to tentage whilst those crumpet eating tea drinking fu#ks sleep in their fancy tier 2 digs with 2 man rooms and wifi??....*********!!!!
  2. So you'd rather have the lads deploying on the ground move into tier 2, take over the rooms, un pack, get comfy, then pack for ops, hand back rooms, deploy on ops, come back and start all over again? Give the permanent type accom to those who are there permanently. No point having expensive accom empty for half a tour.

    2 man grots can also be a bit unsociable - in tents you can all keep a better eye on each other and if your lucky, have a whole compound comprising of people from your unit only and not live with a bunch of honking wretches who think personal admin consists of a shower every couple of days and turn up for a shave in the morning with hero shirts zipped up to the neck.

    We moved out of the tier 2 on H9 in to tents and had a much better time.

    Tents had Wifi too, kettle, decent air-con & heating, much more room and less need for communal items as we were all in together.

    What role/trade are you doing - sounds like you're having a bit of a shoite one at the mo - need any moral sending out?