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Fighting the War.

Watching a Documentary on UKTV History channel 537, called fighting the war.(Iraq)

Covering the period from the wars begining to the scud attacks on Kuwait.

Proper reporting rather than the usual bbc shite.
well done your only two and half years behind, when i saw it first on the bbc.

I am suprised that you have electricity if you are that behind the times, did you send this post by pigeon carrier?????????
It takes a while to get the bike powering the generator up to speed, long enough to jump off and post a reply.

I must admit, i didn't see it first time around, and didn't realise it was 2 and a half year old, Just thought it was one of the docs that the Government didn't want anyone to see at the time.

Sorry Fellas, i'll consider myself bollocked.

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