Fighting on the frontline chn4

there's another thread about this although its degenerated into an eats shoots and leaves sub thread...

personally, i thought it was an incredibly well made doc and the vast majority of the lads came across exceptionally well, esp the YOs.
Kill TV night is a great idea, shows the ground crew that the job they do is important and contributes to the war effort, and yes the Apache pilot is probably the best job in the world imho.
Well as they are the experts in opening and closing gates it would be churlish to claim they weren't capable of getting out occasionally.

Apache crews came across really well last night
must agree the Apache crew did come across really well and down to earth, and much respect to all the medics great team effort.
Fantastic Programme, Simply Oustanding.
This Channel Follows The Lives Of The Frontline Army.

First Episode Was The Choppers !, Such As The Apache And The Chinook, Both Fantastic Aircraft !
It's A Must Watch For You Army Enthusiasts !
Very good progamme. Is it made by the same folk who made Coppers? Bit sick of all the BBC wives crying ones, Sandhurst is good, but this is really speak to the guys & girls and get a real opinion on it all.
Shame there's only 3 episodes of it.
I look forward to the last episode featuring C Coy 2scots kicking off in loy mandeh in Jan-March 2011. So far the doc has been good I found it interesting seeing how the Apache pilots operate after seeing them from the ground, much respect. Fair play to the RAF reg for their role protecting the MERT however it doesn't justify your funding as any TA Infantry could be tasked to do the same. Also the irish bird you hear in the interviews was quite tour sexy, I had the priveledge of "having her" (in a non conquest sense) in my Jackal and on a few tasty patrols several times and she definitely had a thing for the jock accent but was a bit frigid no doubt due to her harsh irish upbrigning,honest .......
I was on patrol in the dear green boggy land over the sea the night Bobby Sands snuffed it , and we were absolutely cacking our Y's hearing the "dustbin lid chorus " that followed that little incident .
However it was nothing compared to those guys trapped in that river waiting for the reccy to come and get them out . They must have felt like sitting ducks at the fair .
Me and Mrs Ming were on the edge of our sofa , thats how good a prog that is . Ch 4 have done it again .
Stay safe lads and keep yer arrse's doon .
I second that, I settled down to watch the prog last night (Sunday 2nd) and was on the edge watching the action unfold, amazed that a "hide" comprises of rounding the Warthogs up into a circle wild west style. Shame the river crossing didnt come off as hoped but full praise for the troop OC and crews for professionalism when their luck well and truly ran out.

If you didnt see it last night then make sure you do so.
Really enjoyed the first two programmes. Like Coppers they really get the balance between comedy and serious content just right.

Was in stitches at the headcase saffa who's accent would suddenly break into Scottish. Reminded me of that sketch with the Brazilian footballer in Newcastle in the Fast Show.
Big bloke wasn't he, bad luck though on the "Bang, that was your legs" comment to his driver then seconds later c-ied strike on his trailer.

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