Fighting off the student debt

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Operator, Jan 19, 2004.

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  1. Brilliant idea I'm soiling a pair of me grots at the moment I could make a fortune here, not to mention the savings on washing powder.
  2. Oh Lord...
    What vile depths of depravity have our beloved student females fallen to now?
    Actually, it's not a bad idea. Do you reckon one of us will be able to do the same sort of thing? :)
    Incidentally, how did you find that link...? Hmm...
  3. Reminds me of a previous thread...

    "Students forced to Lapdance to pay fees"

    I've figured out a good way to help with the debt... "Get a job",

    Seriously resist the temptation to have a fun summer vacation and do a proper job with proper pay and proper hours as opposed to totally filling your summer with OTC attachments / courses etc.

    OTC summer tasks may be a good laugh but the amount you spend on beer and other sh1te tends to outweigh the amount you earn. Normal jobs on the other hand can be dull as feck but if you're a clever bunny and get a job in the field you're studying you've got better career prospects after you graduate and generally better money.

    Something to think about eh? the age old "job-satisfaction vs money" debate.
  4. Well she could help out with the washing up i suppose :D
  5. That BBCi article again....


    Students are becoming lapdancers to pay their way through university, claims a student magazine.
    The latest edition of the Bristol University magazine, Epigram, contains an account of a woman who is working in a lapdance club to raise money while she is studying.

    "It's the latest form of employment for female students who are waving farewell to Sainsburys cashier checkouts and office photocopiers, and leaving a trail of work clothes behind them," says the article.
  6. 1) Not sure about replicating that one, maybe you should try.
    2) My little brother sent it to me, he obviously has far too much time on his hands
  7. good link! not having to do what i did - TA, OTC and a bar job in my final year....