Fighting midgets


War Hero
Fu!cking great!!

Brew all over the keybroad!
So wrong but yet ... funny.
fighting midgets - almost as good as an all-dwarf sex-show!


Brilliant !!
The way he slithers to get back on his feet !!


Book Reviewer
I think I've just wet myself!!!

Haven't seen so funny in a long time!!


War Hero
Cuddles said:
fighting midgets - almost as good as an all-dwarf sex-show!

Any chance of posting that one? :thumright:
The little one can't bend his knees can he?

I laughed so hard, I think I shit myself a little. Off now for a 'confidence' wipe.


Book Reviewer
The last time I saw movement like that, it ate its way out of somebody's stomach before getting shot.


War Hero
ive now got a double hernia, there not big and there not clever
That was fcuking hilarious! made my day!!
Was wondering what they were going to use as rollmats when they got undressed.

Particularly liked the wee man who jumped up and started pole dancing.
That was feckin brilliant. Seal boy took some top digs but just kept coming back bless him. I'd sh1t meself if i saw him slithering towards me trying to bite my ankle. :pissed:


War Hero
the slithery likle fukc took some digs to the heeeed there , cant wait to show the baby she will fukcing love it , better than sitting through cbeebies, " more midget tom foolery please"

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