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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, May 4, 2005.

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  1. Guardian story from the Sedgefield constituency!,15803,1475960,00.html

  2. ok not in dispute of the cluster!or anything else he has done in theatre, but to describe falling off his ambulance as 'wounded' is a bit OTT in my opinion.
  3. In this individual's case it seems that the errors were the Army's not TB's, apart from tha actual act of going to war, which lies with the Soveriegn or in the UK's case the PM as head of HMG. By all means seek redress for the failures of the service or individuals therein, but my own view is that we join and swear an oath to follow orders. Our own opinion of the justness of the war is immaterial. There have always been moments in all our careers where we ask "why the hell are we here", but this constant and frankly disloyal carping about the fact that we are there is disturbing. We agree to do a job and there are times when we should just get on with it. We can't pick and choose our operations just because we don't like Tony Blair!
  4. He seems to have seriously damaged the cartilage in his knee when he fell off the ambulance (whilst under fire and treating others)

    Anyone who has damaged their knees in accidents will know that it really is a nasty injury as the knee takes upto 4 times the bodyweight in shock every time you step forward.

    Had it been treated properly the first time, he may have been able to return to active duty, but the catalogue of errors has left him unable to do his job and for that the army should be ashamed.
  5. I spent 2 months on rehabilitation after a (minor) knee op and have a great deal of sympathy for anyone in this position.

    It is not a matter of picking and choosing operations. There needs to be complete faith in the political process, which in this case was subverted. Bliar followed the same principle as Hitler ie. he thought it was the right thing to do, and therefore it was justified. The evidence in the form of intelligence and legal assessments was rigged to support this view rather than being presented in an impartial manner to cabinet and parliament, who should be constitutional safeguards against bad decision-making. The Ministerial Code of Conduct was breached on multiple counts.

    Until remedial action is taken, there will always be this grave doubt about future military actions. Trust is a two-way process - if the chain of command (at whatever level) is lying to you, then your own trust quickly evaporates. We are now in a very dangerous constitutional position and risk seeing the reputation of the UK Armed Forces damaged in the way that the US military was damaged in the Vietnam era.
  6. Sorry, not as a TA Combat Med Tech, an ambulance tech or a paramedic for that matter. This guy's a bluffing c*nt.
  7. So do you think Admiral Boyce was wrong to ask for legal top cover? We educate our troops in the Law of Armed Conflict for two principle reasons; one is to show them where the line is drawn and the other is to get across the idea that blind obedience in the face of an illegal order is no defence -- at any level of command.

    And another thing, the words 'justness' and 'legality' are not necessarily interchangeable.
  8. Voting for Reg Keys :roll: a wasted vote for a father who has understanably, lost it.

    We are not used to, or will public opinion tolerate soldiers dying on operations. Why not become like the Irish army then? and then no one will die?

    I really dont care if this war was illegal or not, but Blair is and always be a cnut.