Fighting Logistics Through (or Sitting Ducks)?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by GeneralMalaise, Jan 4, 2010.

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  1. Interesting read in the Times yesterday. Link Here.

    Confirms everyting that DRLC has been saying about fighting logistics through.
  2. Good stuff, and defintily proving hte adage 'soldier first'.

    These CLPs seem to be a great investment in manpower. The kit gets through and no end of OpFor comes in close, begging to be brassed up. Which of course saves on transport getting us to them.

    Why the seemingly higher losses for hte Afghan trucks? I think the article said 10 drivers dead, and 4 unknown.
  3. Do you think it's because one looks like this


    And the others look like this?

  4. If its the same Patch Reehal I think it is, then 28 Sqn have a very fine OC. Dagger man and and Sandhurst sword winner thingy ma jig to boot.

  5. The very same man. I wonder if the CO is still referred to as 'Swampy' Moore or whether a promotion means that he has outgrown that moniker.
  6. a top chap indeed...but i don't think he won the SoH, probably the Carmen's sword?
  7. Like your thinking GM, but don't most look like....


    More pics here
  8. Watan 'Risk Management' seem to be freeloading,and not dealing with their own security-for which they are paid!
  9. Correct Danny. 'Patch' won the Carmen Sword in 1998 and not the SoH. I think his father also won the Carmen Sword in 1980 (as a Lt Col).
  10. Do you think they have Carmen sword fights?
  11. You're only bitter because you didn't win one.
  12. So, so cruel.

    That was so unkind general.
  13. The photos are from about 18 months ago so apologies if they seem old hat but there are a couple of pages of images from a Getty photographer (Marco Di Lauro) here from about half way down the page...
  14. The reason they lose so many Jingly trucks, is because we don't (didn't) provide FP for them. It's a big enough nause trying to keep a CLP together as it is, what with ANA, ANP and many other assorted stragglers.

    It's nice to see a weapon ring on the CSTs now, balancing an LMG on the roof was never a very good compromise.

    I've put a few Herrick CLP picks in the Arrse gallery recently, that may be of interest to readers of this thread.