Fighting Light.. what is the problem?

There you go - use a vehicle. So you're no longer light role bn.

These gentlemen may beg to differ.

Are you insisting that FIBUA is a light infantry-only exercise or are you carefully using tanks and IFVs/APCs as mobile protected firepower to help, and to support your logistics efforts?
Both the Russians and Ukrainians certainly are and the footage from Mariupol etc. showed the troops moving around the battlefield with varying degrees of burden depending on their circumstances.

The only consistent wearing of a backpack I saw was a red daysack worn by a Russian officer of IIRC their Marine Infantry, which seemed to be as much for recognition as load carrying.
Again a fundamental misunderstanding of what “Fight Light” is ?

Only caring what is required for the immediate task - establishing a patrol harbour to conduct patrols from for 72 hours, taking the next building, taking the next building in a OBUA, taking the next enemy trench
Which of course, may be both heavy and unwieldy.

ETA because most people cannot outrun bullets, IDF or IEDs jump through walls etc.
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A good AWM documentary of Australian infantry soldiers of the Royal Australian Regiment fighting light in Vietnam in 1968. Five days rations, ammunition and sleeping gear carried in American pattern M1956 pattern webbing and what appears to be the old British 1937 pattern webbing large pack. Resupply being by Huey helicopters of 9 Sqn RAAF.


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