Fighting Jack Churchill

Why did it take a Spam to bring this chap to my attention today and why the Hell isn't there an annual award for the hardest & craziest b@stard in the Army named after him?

Better yet- some cracking stories in this one:

Fighting in WWII armed with a bow, a claymore and a set of bagpipes? Jesus!!!

Those of you looking for a plot for a new British war film should look no further. Question is- would anyone believe it?
What an incredible (and inspiring) man!
I have to admit, to my great shame, that I'd never heard of him either. Thanks a bunch for posting that, crabtastic.
I think you're right about the film, but who could play him?
I suppose Hollywood could always pretend he was a Septic! :D :D :D

Lord Lovat had a piper to play for him, shurely?
Thanks, Crabtastic! I cannot begin to fathom why more has not been said, written, or shown about this particular Churchill. Phenomenal!
Themanwho said:
Lord Lovat had a piper to play for him, shurely?
To be precise, Lovat ordered his piper, Bill Millin, nicknamed the "mad piper" by the Germans, to play for 1 Commando Brigade, as it crossed Sword Beach on D day.

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