Fighting fires in Helmand - the RAF Fire Service

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Oct 27, 2010.

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  2. Interesting article. They do a good job they can be justifiably proud of.

    Now we just have to wait for the usual RAF beaters to degrade the thread.
  3. Do they need any help from our friends in the London fire service?
  4. Interesting read, good drills all round.
  5. Made me smile. :biggrin: You can imagine their faces.
  6. The first thought I had when I saw the title of the thread is I hope they are thinking of going on strike.
  7. They meet EVERY MERT, Pedro and any other med heli landing on Nightingale and carry the wounded to the waiting ambulance.

    Not to mention they turn off your fire alarm when the dust storms hit....
  8. the raf are an embarassmant to the british forces in ghaners. the fire service shoud be handed over to the ARMY as we woud be the best at it. the rn have to train as firemen themselvs so why does the crabs have to have there own? it makes me so angry
  9. Because they can spell?
  10. Was the fact that they built the fire station inside the yellow line from the ASP ever resolved..?
  11. Shut up you thick ****. Come back when you can string an intelligible sentence together.
  12. dingerr, I think it's a wahnd up.

    (My new term for a cross between a wah and a wind up because the wah police have been on my case recently ('Wahnd Up' is deserving of an Arrsepedia entry surely?))

    I'm just wondering which of the crab bashers it could be?
  13. I notice you ballsed out on the RAF Regt thread, and have surfaced here after the vast majority of posters there clocked you as a thorough chod. You have still failed to justify your signature block - how is a MERT pilot a REMF, or fast jet a la Gulf 2, in front of the troops?

    You are showing yourself to be a no mark thick shit who would do the word '****' misjustice - because at least they are useful. Please hurry up and die.

    Reckon it can't be long until you receive an O2 tag.