Fighting Boots.

The old cowboy boots are good, protect you from the old 'shin rake', but must admit to either timberland boots (again have to stained in beer, p!ss, blood) or the old favourites KSBs perfect for that tab home when you end up where you shouldn't with no money ....
What about the old issue jungle boot, with the steel plate in the sole for added stamping power?
The Emperor Mong advised me thus:

"Sandals, trust me, they'll be really impressed"

To hear is to obey, O great one....

I'm tellin you they're the best at everything. I kicked a kids footy to them the other day when running round my local playing fields. Straight over them and kept on going. Its been tracked passing Saigon I think.


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The intent to hand out a hoofing is no excuse for appearing in public inadequately dressed. DMs indeed. Bah.

Samuel Windsor presents...



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Danner do a rather fetching (and lightweight) boot that just so happens to have a form of ABS toecap; ostensibly for sneeking over metal-detecting security systems, it also allows for both rapid and excpetionally effective hoofs to the face, as well as parqour getaways from the plod or RMP's.
brogues the barstewards need to hear you coming

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