Fighting Boots.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gaz_ED, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. Due to the recent outbreak of boot questions, I pose another.....

    What is the best footwear for pub fighting in?

    Trainees for quick in and outs?

    Or DM's for delivering a good shoeing, maybe a bit hard to run in for when the filth turn up..

  2. Adidas Samba.

    Choice of the thoughtful Scouse Urchin on Euro awaydays since the 70's.

    A thousand leggers from euro wide train and plane jibs and double clicking turnstiles can't be wrong.

    Deliver a surprisingly hefty boot when needed too.

    For when you absolutely, positively have to make a getaway? Accept no substitute.

  3. Not that I have wide experience, but I'd have thought that old standard the Clark's desert wellie. Lightweight for the pursuit/withdrawal in contact phases but with a good stiff sole which protrudes at the toe, allowing the kick to apply maximum pressure at the point of impact.

    And wearing trainers to a brawl just make you look like a scouser.
  4. What's wrong with a pair a Timberlands? Good solid boot but doesn't give the impression that you are looking for trouble.
  5. Something with nails sticking point out from the toe cap.
  7. You can get steel toed trainer things.
  8. This is true looney, but the make you look like a tesco trolley collector and a scouser as well!
  9. I wear my work boots,toecaps and midsoles-my best face stamping boots!
    And because I work with a lot of unpleasent chemicals(lots of cyanide) thet adds all sorts of possibilities to a flesh wound
    Not that I get involved in that sort of thing of course
  10. Timberland Gore-Tex are my weapon of choice. Smart enough, and capable of delivering a good hoof.

    I was just wondering if there was something better out there.

    If you wear trainees then you're in danger of a good stomping, but if the windmills' going, who's going to get close enough?

    Decisions, decisions. I await the once-a-year drinkers over the festive season, so must be prepared!
  11. Hobnails anyone?
  12. Beat me to it. Great for delivering a savage kicking but dodgy as fcuk in the withdrawal or pursuit phase. Especially on cobbles.
  13. Old school 22 hole Doc Martens with red laces, steel toecaps optional. They give optimum protection to the shins, deliver a hefty kick and have the benefit of air cushioned soles for the quick getaway.
  14. Sorry thought this was a dig at a large global pharmecutical company over the supply of the pill to teenagers. But I wear Timberlands, good disguise as no one expects you to get involved.