Fighting Back

Well, wedgey. it looks like it's up to you an' me to put the world to rights as we stride off into the sunset with our balls aclanging, muttering to ourselves in a deep, masculine voice about these "worringly" (your word) Amazonian attacks on our manliness!

Ah Bugs, these things just irritate me - everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course, but it seems that the relatively high profile of the army over the last few years has created a million instant experts on all things military. There seems to be very little balance in those reviews - it looks like a case of a bunch of people having their prejudices confirmed. Will have to buy it to find out I suppose 8)

Fair one on the c rap spelling though :wink:


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Get the book from the library, read it and put your review on the site.

I looked at the other reviews, as far as I can see all written by civvies.
They know better than us...

( from west midlands said:
excellent read. Impossible to put down
This really is an eye opener to the British Army. It is hard to imagine how one person, a human being at that, can take so much. I have never understood why the army seems to enjoy putting people down all the time, discipline is one thing, but i cannot see that this sort of treatment will make a better soldier. These lads have joined up to fight for their country and they should be treated with more respect. The only down side to the book is not knowing what has happened to Barry Donnan. After reading the book i really felt like i knew him and i would love to know what has happened to him and how he is getting on.
A reader from Scotland said:
A very powerful, and distressing read
Certainly one of the best, if not the best book I have come across this year. This surely a very dark and embrassing issue for the british army, which they have tried very hard to cover up.This book moved me to tears on several occasions. I felt I was really inside this young soldiers mind as he takes us from Lockerbie, to the jungles of Belize, and then to the middle east.

A reader from Bristol said:
Excellent book, perhaps somebody will listen now

This book should be given out to any person thinking of joining the British Forces. It is a true insight into life in the British Army. It is a shame more ex serving soldiers won't write about their experiences at the hands of these merciless people as I am sure there are many, far too many to be published.


It is hard to believe that nobody will listen and give this man justice yes NOBODY.

A reader from Scotland said:
A must read for anyone thinking of joining the army
This book is a real eye opener, it shows the side of the British Army, that is always hushed up. It should be on the shelfs of every Army recruiting office in the Country. Next time you hear someone talking about the glory of War, read them this. Why anyone would want to join the British Army is beyond me.
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