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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by PLATAPUS, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. Quick question for someone

    Had a bad weekend Long story but Saturday night got into a bit of a scrap with another bloke from my squadron we were very drunk and it was over something totally stupid we are mates again now. thing is a Senior rank from my place pulled us apart and threatened to AGAI me, so I told him to F**k OFF as we were in civvies at the time.
    He wants to see me this morning does he have a legal right under army law to do this. I am not a whinging private I am a full screw have been for a couple of years, just seems pathetic that a Q bloke has nothing better to do than be drinking where his blokes drink if he had not been there then he wouldnt have known about it?
  2. And who the hell are you to decide where someone can or cant drink?

    And how do you know what he is going to say this morning anyway?

    It might be a case of telling you to calm it down a bit when out on the lash, with no further action.
  3. Was not saying where he can or cant drink just a bit surprised a SNCO would drink in the same place as his boys. He told me he was going to AGAI me so thats how I know what he is going to say all I was asking was can he AGAI me out uniform!
  4. In a nutshell - Yes!

  5. If you can face summary dealing for drunken actions then I can see no reason why he cant AGAI you. Now Im not saying that is the course of action I would take.
    As a JNCO why dont you take the service test and see if your own actions would warrant it?
    I suspect that all he is after is an apoology, which IS how I would play it.

    Get in there first, admit you were a bit of a throbber and apologise. Doesnt take much and if he is a fair guy he will accept that.

    If he doesnt, jump over the desk and finish the job you started on Sat night. May as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb!
  6. are subject to military law 24/7 !!!
  7. Just go in, close the door and do the following...
    1. Put pair of underpants on your head.
    2. Put 2 Pencils up your nose and say the following..

    "eh, mate, what happens in the Bar, stays in the bar and all that", at which point wink twice!

    You wont get told this till your in the RSM's office and the CO has just presented your 3rd but your in a sticky situation so ill tell you now....just dont tell anyone else!
  8. Was I drunk yes was i being a c**k yes
    but it still doesnt warrant him shouting how he was going to AGAI me on Monday, He is a bit of a nobber himself and have seen him fighting once or twice too.
    If he had just told me to calm down and behave I would have done it.
  9. Seriously though, how SNCO's deal with this sort of thing is up to them, thats why they get the rank and the money. I would of dealt with it differently but then i wasnt there and dont know the full circumstances.
    Such as,
    Did public see, hear it....not good really for our PR.
    What it was over...if you shagged his missus and he was giving you a shoeing, then tough!
    Is it the 10th time you have been scrapping? etc etc.

    Take it on the chin whatever happens but get in their 1st with "look, been a idiot..." and throw in a load of apologies. If it doesnt work and he wants to AGAI, like i said on the chin and use it as a learning point for when you are in the same situation when your a SNCO.
  10. You say you are a full screw and you have to ask whether a SNCO can do you for being a cnut whilst in civies?

    I have nothing against you acting like a twat whilst p1ssed, we have all done that, but whinging like a fcuking child when you get caught, especially the "but I have seen him doing it as well" part is just embarrasing.

    Be a fcuking adult and take your punishment, you know you were in the wrong, you got caught so stop whineing like a spoilt child FFS.
  11. Hang on a minute.

    He tried to calm you down and stop you fighting by "threatening" to AGAI you.

    You then told him to "fcuk off".

    I don't know what Army you think you are in but it clearly isn't the same one as me.

    I'm guessing that the mere fact you know nothing about how the Army works means you have been overpromoted (twice) and a bit of AGAI action might be just what you need to stop it happening again.

    How about acting your rank for once, take it on the chin. And stop scrapping with your own blokes in public because it won't be you personally that gets remembered for it. It's "That Army lot".

    Edited to add. Think about it this way. YOU see two of your young privates scrapping in a public bar (or any bar for that matter). What are YOU as a full screw going to do about it ?

    Bear in mind the following. If you do nothing and someone gets seriosuly hurt, what do you think will happen when the CO finds out that you let it carry on ?

    You need to wake up and smell the coffee me old mate.
  12. Can't believe a full screw is writing this childish whining rubbish.

    'Can he do me when I was wearing civvies'?

    Yes of course he can - you sound like some moronic chav complaining that he had been arrested by a plain-clothes officer and it 'was'nt fair'

    Grow fcuking up!
  13. read the above.

    then go and apologise to him, if you haven't already.

    then stop being so naive and daft in future.
  14. Obviously a cadet Corporal.

    Platapus, you are a throbber.

    You're lucky Civ Pol or RMP didn't grab you first.

    Grow up you dildo.
  15. Re: SNCO's ability to discipline you for actions carried out whilst in mufti, simple, yes he can.

    Best course? As someone suggested above, get in first with the apology (drink talking, lots of stress, now mates with the other bloke etc etc). He may be a cvnt but unfortunately he's a SNCO cvnt so why pick a fight with him over this (which he's likely to win anyway)?

    Chosee your friends whereever you want but pick your enemies carefully.