fighter pilot: a pipedream?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by mac_2313, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. Hi i want 2 join the Raf as a pilot, but everyone at school tells me "its just a pipedream". i want to know if anyone can tell anything about the training and requirements and what it is really like? thanks
  2. Forget the qualifications and the fitness levels,

    How big is your moustache and do you wear white socks!

  3. well i have posh voice and play golf is that what their looking for?
  4. You might find that the first stumbling blocks include spelling, grammar, capitalisation, and having enough situational awareness to recognise you're in the wrong environment for sensible answers. Check your private messages.

    Edited, because my fcuking Norwegian keybord (ha) can't spell.
  5. [Coughs} - hate to be pedantic, but "grammar" surely?
  6. Quite right, Staaken, and can only apologise for the lack of care. I shall amend the offending word right now.
  7. People will try to put you down because they're jealous and want it for themselves.
  8. Whats there to be jealous of... apart from flying a 20million pound Fighter Jet at Mach2, dropping bombs wearing a cool flight suit, having loads of chicks and duty free on tap oh and did I say flying a fcuk off fast jet thing with loads of guns n bombs.

    But then you do have to have a gay tash and wear white socks...

    Go for it!!
  9. whats the aac like?
  10. Good switch mac!!!!!
  11. i like the sound of flying a copper and killing tanks, whats the lifestyle like?
  12. And pigs might fly.....

    If you want to fly a copper, you need to ask in the AGC forum and bend the ear of a monkey.
  13. Well, Mac - like the RAF, but slower. The aircraft I mean. But life in the RAF is a much more pleasant existence (you have to put up with the RAF Police though). AAC wear same babygrow outfits and equal amount of really cool badges. They have the Apache attack thingy now too - should be in century.
    Talking of pipedreams - Douglas Bader used to have those whilst tootling along in his Spitfire hunting Bosche cabbage crates over the briny. Obviously that was before he went tits up and ended up in Colditz, Sausage Side.
    Sorry Mac - if you want to join the 20 minuters, crack on and good luck - ensure you view Blackadder Goes Forth to learn more idiotic but catchy aeronautical lingo from Captain The Lord Flasheart (not the MOD on this site (!), but the one played by Rik Mayall).
  14. Well there's that reason, but what I meant was peoples attitudes towards the forces in general.

    A lot of people want to get into the forces but most of them don't have the balls to put themselves forward and join up. It's seen as a "good to do" thing but no one can be arsed to actually join up.

    Kid 1: "I'm going to join the marines when I'm big and strong!!!"
    Kid 2: "Yeah.. course you are, dreamer! (****... I wanna join the marines too! :(:(:(:( )"
    Kid 1: "No really, it'll be ace!"
    Kid 2: "What-ever mate! (lucky bugger, I wanna do that to but... ahhh... I can't be arsed! Where's McDonnalds?)"