Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sabre, Apr 3, 2005.

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  1. We had this topic of conversation brought up at work

    Which do you think would win in a fight between:-
    a) An Bull Elephant seal
    b) An full adult male lion
    c) A male silverback Gorilla

    Now you have to look at the pro's and cons of each here

    A gorilla has agilty on its side so it can dodge hit.
    A bull elephant seal has thick skin and can turn it head nearly 180 degrees
    A Lion is quick and has sharp teeth

    Personally i think the bull elepahnt seal would win

    What do you reckon?

    Editied due to spelling mistakes
  2. Fido... errr I mean elephant seal hands down obviously :lol:
  3. gotta be the seal, cos the other 2 would drown
  4. Ah but i am looking at a equal footing here, and even elphant seals are dangerous on land!
  5. Maybe they should be armed, or armoured. I think a lion could win as it's equipped with big scary claws and teeth. An elephant seal would be like fighting a toothed Jabba the Hutt. But the gorilla, with semi opposable thumbs could grab the lion's mane and smash it's head off stuff - or use a club...........christ I need a hobby!
  6. Add Tarkus in there & it'd win by miles ;)
  7. Bollox the gorilla wouldn't do that. Fido would crush all opposition having seen the footage of one crushing a car in nz there's no doubt in my mind.
  8. Male lions have the sense to leave all that sort of things to the girls, except when they want a shag that is.
  9. Gorrila would win and probably ride the others
  10. Heres one.."If the Thundercats had a ruck, who would win between Panthera and Liono??"

    I spent fcuking hours of my life refereeing this sort of contest between the troops..."Sir, if you take the engine out of a Ford and out of a Vauxhall and put the Ford engine in the Vauxhall and the Vauxhall engine in the Ford is it true they both go faster sir??" "Probably, now dig in to Stage 2 Bombardier Scrote.."
  11. i would beat the lot of them if i am in my spit the dummy out mode :wink:
  12. Lion hounds down if it was on land

  13. Panthera, hands down. Liono could never handle his drink or finish a fight....
  14. How about a fight between R2D2 and Dusty Bin? To jazz it up a bit you could also have tag teams with C3PO and Julian Clary.
  15. RTFQ


    How about Prof Stephen Hawking and a gang of methed-up chimpanzees. with knives.

    To make it fair you could place an ingram on his lap and say that anytime he wants to stop bluffing his case for sympathy he can pick up the weapon and defend himself.