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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by VerminWA, Dec 28, 2005.

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  1. I found a big woody in my pants after watching the girly slapping ha beeach.

    The rest are girly slapping spams
  2. The Grunge one was arrse. The birds was like chucking out time in Mansfield, but stangely sexy. Highschool Scrap was the best, good unconsh action.
  3. You fella's need to get hold of Bumfights. It's not a gay as it sounds (honest) and has some good scrapping on it - some of those vids are taken from it.
  4. Yeah i've seen that, i think.... yank hobos fighting for beer/money? :D
  5. More spam woosies gay bar loitering. Jeez, you guys really can't fight for toffee can you?

    Any more bitch slapping girlies?....I need a pull.
  6. Take your pick from this lot, Bitch Fights are near the bottom.
  7. what is a spam?
  8. some one's going to be going to prison for 10-15 years.just another example of whitey keeping the black man down.
  9. you

    and me and anyone from the US :D

    is better then septic :lol:

    now please acclimate or fcuk off to Kansas, is after all a British site :wink: I suggest you take a view of the ARRSEPedia sure you will find many answers there.
  10. i knew it was an american, i just did not know the reason. septic is an australian term (also know as sepos) and this is short for "septic tank full of sh!t yank)

    PS kansas is not in the midwest :wink: