Fight Through ARRSE Rock/Pop Compilation Album (Proposal)

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I started a thread on Rock/Pop with War and Military Themes at ( which has come up with some great music (some dire crap too).

What I'm suggesting is a compilation CD with the best/most appropiate of those tracks to raise money for RBL and ABF. Technically it could be done by desktop publishing - depending on demand. After all if CD pirates can manage it I'm sure some of the finest military minds on the interweb can turn thier hand to it.

What I don't know is how you get permission to use the tracks. Do you have to approach each artist? Or is there a central body?

I thought a good name would be 'Fight Through' or maybe 'Fight Through - Rock On'

Is this a good idea or have I drifted of into a fantasy land of Colonel Walter sknn, rock impressario and arrse unextrodinaire?


Great idea. Try contacting Performing Rights Society for getting advice on licenses. With a bit of effort and convincing patter they might well get the artists to support a worthy cause.

If it turns out anything like as good as the old 'Rock Aid - Armenia' album it'll make a bomb.

Do it, and see if you can get 'Bring The Boys Back Home' from Pink Floyd's classic 'The Wall'
What about an Arrse rugby songs CD. There must be a few arrsers who can play instruments. If the majority of the British armed forces are like you blokes it would sell like hot-cakes.

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