Fight Night

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Nibbler, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. Nope: however, I'd like to know exactly what they were. Without being nasty, the link describes 'lacerations' to head and hand - so why's she still off work 7 months later???? She may well have other serious injuries, but the Old Bill is not, how shall we put it, 'Squeaky Clean' when it comes to working the compensation and full pay time off option....

    Her picture looks like the average rugby player after a good match - not someone who'se had the sort of battering that leads to 7 months off - but I may be being overly cynical...
  2. I think they are bollocks, but couldn't be arsed to argue.

    So what he said.
  3. Spare me the new labour sound-bite...

    Point one: To lump speeding and not wearing seatbelts as comparable with drink driving and using mobiles is mischevious... Not wearing a seatbelt - as a driver - is highly unlikely to increase the chance of hurting anyone else on the road. (in fact, there's a debatable argument that it might make you a little more careful as a driver, rather like Ralph Nader's suggestion that the best form of road safety device is a big spike pointing up from the centre of every steering wheel). As mentioned above, speeding at -ooh, let's say, 79 mph, on an empty motorway in sunny conditions in a properly maintained BMW 7 series is probably/arguably/debatably safer than Mr Chav doing 30 mph, but driving aggressivly and tailgating/intimidating other drivers in a 30 mph zone, with his stereo blasting away.

    Point two: The 'belly-aching' of coppers like you, who appear unable to understand that the whole point of being a copper is to serve the basically law-abiding ordinary decent taxpayers who pay your inflated wages, is exactly the sort of intolerant, inflexible, nanny state pestilence that gets the likes of Cuchulainn and me wanting to cheer every time one of the filth is caught out. I was under the old-fashioned impression that the feature that distinguished an English copper from his foreign counterparts was the holding of his warrant, which allows him to display discretion according to the circumstances: your comment is precisely the sort of evidence of the creeping mindset of the nanny state that drives those of us who are basically law-abiding into a frenzy of rage, when you hide behind holier than thou crap, instead of displaying a little intelligence. Reminds me of the quote from a US cop - 'we don't need intelligence - we got rules...'

    People will continue to 'bellyache' for as long as idiots are incapable of distinguishing between a basically law abiding citizen who needs a polite reminder, and genuinely dangerous conduct that needs a good spanking.

    Point three: Officers see the tragic effects of these offences... Well pardon me for being of the opinion that if you cain't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.... As you say, she probably is still off work because of 'psychological effects'. If so, she's proven that she's not suited to police work, hasn't she? The police, like the military, requires you to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in, not bleat about how tragic your job is. Jesus - can I claim for the 'psychological effects' of my sister riding her pushbike into me 20 years ago?
  4. I should probably point out that many in the Police hold people like you in equal contempt to that in which you hold them.

    The "decent law abiding blah blah" line is the refuge of those arrogant tossers who view all crime as worthy of hanging except the ones THEY commit, and see the Police as "theirs" to enforce the law on the lower orders.

    I think your post states you position (exactly as above) quite clearly.
  5. Absolutely correct: I pay their blasted wages, I get bugger all service or protection in response, and then they insult anyone who doesn't seem to respect them enough: they are a classic example of the modern British state: all mouth, no trousers, fleece the law-abiding tax payer because he's an easy target, and do nothing that might require effort or dedication.

    Damn right they shouldn't be allowed opinions - they should just catch criminals - but of course, that might put them in breach of HSE rules, mightn't it?
  6. Aww diddums, somebody deliberately tried to hurt her eh? Sack the lazy bitch.

  7. WELL PUT !
  8. Nibbler,

    You really are a boring little cnut.

    You can have that one for free.

    Like you you mean?

    Walting on about Police when I bet I know what your experience is, zero.
  9. Harrummppphhhh!!!!
  10. As I said - keep proving the point, cnutstable plod.
  11. Oh dear, nibble, more like a bite.

  12. I'm not in the Police you dickhead.

    Just thought I would support the members who are, as whatever problems exist in policing, they are not as obnoxious as a hatefilled, misinformed, ranting, self righteous arrogant nobody like you.

    Those members on this forum who are, have actually got both military and Police expereince, what the fuck have you done to dismiss them, dismiss PTSD and dismiss whatever else the tabloids have drummed into your numbskull?

    Anti Police ranting dickheads like you are ten a penny, so fuck off and bore somene else about your speeding ticket or whatever else caused this.
  13. There's only one bite in this thread - and it's from the blue clad freeloading nancy boys who can't believe they aren't loved by everyone.

    My favourite copper? The cretin who tried to flag down a German Army panzer column, on a dark rainy night, on exercise about 20 years ago. How we all laughed when they finally found the Panzer that hadn't even noticed him in it's hide later. The bits of bone and gristle had to be washed out of the tracks with a high pressure hose, in the end... :p
  14. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Go and do your homework.
  15. .

    a bigger boat, sod that we're gonna need an oil tanker!!!!

    Go and pay your speeding ticket or better still stop getting arrested for being drunk and disorderly or some similar petty offence.