Fight! Fight!


Mark The Convict

'...but Cpl Jacques said he threw only one punch when provoked by Cpl Ashton who was wielding a traffic cone'

Were there no legs of lamb handy? You couldn't make it up.

She looks like filth mind, and a "A" Grade slapper and yes I would! but its not news worthy as this is normally a daily occurance in the land of the Pad.......however I would be suing if I was accused of having an RAF Comrade...the cunts
Am I just retarded or is it hard to read that article and work out who did what to who and who is in the soup :)

Never fight over a bird, especially one as fucking rats as that gimmer, sporting ugg boots as well. True PAD material

both hi flyers as well I see....
Cowards on the home front, cowards 25 miles away from the nearest effective enemy fire. They are and always have been an absolute shower.

To be fair, there are few ex Bomber Command etc who might just slightly disagree with you, I suggest you read some history books :)

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