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Fight crime, street cleaners told


Street cleaners and window fitters should be used to help combat localised crime and build a better picture of the problem, a report suggests.
New figures show 60% of people believe crime is rising, despite the statistics falling over the past 11 years.

The Audit Commission said current methods of measuring crime may not be accurately reflecting what occurs in local neighbourhoods.

It said using frontline street workers would not burden them or the police.

But it said only workers who were employed by a council, or working on behalf of it, should be asked to help with crime prevention.

What a good idea. Lollypop ladies could check tax disks , Council dustmen could report any strange comings and goings at dead-o'clock in the morning , and the meals on wheels service could report any strange gas board officials.

Alternatively , you could just use the Police and Plastic coppers , and stop massaging the way the figures are reported. :censored:
Wouldn't work unless people were contractually obliged - nobody in such a position would stick their neck out given the possible repercussions.

If the government were serious about fighting crime they'd put more police officers in the community (not the plastic community ones) and back the police in the courts when an arrest was made.

Years ago when putting together a university project I was given access to police records in the West Midlands. It was quite an eye-opener to find out that less than 1/3 of all reported crime was ever solved and I recall asking the question as to what proportion of those "solved" crimes actually resulted in a punitive penalty for the offender - strangely enough nobody had those statistics :roll:

Someone remind me again - what was it Bliar said years ago "tough on crime..." I'd recommend he spend a few days here in S'pore and view for himself the deterrent effect of a rattan cane :D

Well, if we were to train the street cleaners in law and police matters, issue them with protective equipment (Helmet, Stab Vest, CS Spray, and trunchon) and uniform them too so you don't try to report a crime to a non qualified street cleaner.

Then maybe give them an office somewhere local to work from, somewhere you could report crime to like those old police stations that used to be open 24 hours a day, and take them off street cleaning duties.

Maybe, just maybe it would work
PartTimePongo said:

Alternatively , you could just use the Police and Plastic coppers , and stop massaging the way the figures are reported. :censored:
PTP, what are you suggesting? Surely you don't think that some forces are fiddling their returns insofar as crime statistics are concerned?

Actually, it would be good if all police forces reported their crimes using the ethical counting policies. In Staffordshire the police use this with the effect that two people arrested for a street brawl counts as two incidents as there are two people arrested and charged. This hse the effect of increasing the crime figures and, if the clear-up rate is not good making an area look worse than it might truly be.

In the brawling incident, clear-up is obviously 100% but the fact that every incident is logged means that a true picture of the problem and the efficacy of the policing is given. I know of some areas where a crime book number is given to satisfy the insurers and that's effectively the end of the incident. It doesn't appear in statistics and it doesn't get time afforded to it to clear it unless the culprit is obvious.

Surely the message should be vigilance on the part of everbody rather than this silliness. The fifties were a safer place because everybody was keeping an eye out and they weren't frightened to shout when they saw wrong things happening. Thanks for giving me a morning smile - epescially the plastic policmen - takes me back to empty police cars being parked in bushes as per the Bucks forces in the 80's.


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