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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Praetorian, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. Having taken a punch in the nose recently, which didn't actually hurt but made my face look as if I'd just been eating out an elephant on the blob, it got me thinking about great fights of time gone by.

    My personal favourite involved a lad I knew gobbing off in the kebab house, swiftly followed by a 30-40 man mass brawl that left the kebab house looking as if it had been established in Hiroshima, circa 1945.

    We never mean to start the fights, they just happen!

    Any reminiscences of impromptu fight-club antics from the ARRSE membership? Extra points for on the Taxi rank or outside the kebab house!

    (This has probably been done before, but I thought that it was about time that we got back to talking about drinking, fighting and shagging in the NAAFI Bar)
  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    At Bruggen in,oh around 88ish,the RE were posted in for airfield repair.Now at that time the Rocks thought they were gods gift to the female population & could be found collectivly as a group in the Crossbow Club bop.
    I remember one night we were in there & the RE came in.Silence descended,a bottle was thrown & then all hell broke loose!
    After about 10 minutes of ground being gained & lost by both sides,some WRAF's even got stuck in defending their Rock Ape boyfriends, it spiled outside,where the RAF Police were waiting.
    Now by this time we had gotten the f*ck offside & out the side enterance as this was a Rock V RE scrap & nothing to do with us..
    Apparently one of the RAF Police dogs got bitten on the nose by someone!
  3. Always seems to be the RE involved in this sort of thing..... :D :D
  4. I remember a good scrap in the battle group bar in BATUS 2001. It started off with some friendly singing. Then somebody lobbed a can at one of the most popular members of the Sqn. There was an under strength armoured engineer squadrn, part of the HQ sqn and a troop attatched from 20 Sqn. We all took it as slight and waded in!

    I was out with my brother and a mate (who happened to be a Regt boxing champion) one night in my home town (think Amesbury but moved 140 miles north west). This one kn0bber kept on staring at us and my mate got threaders with this and went over and asked pleb boy and his mates:

    "what the fcuk is your problem?"
    "no problem with you, just those two" obviously refering to my brother and I
    "well if you've got a problem with them you've got a problem with me. So I'll see you and as many of your pussy mates as you can muster in 5 minutes outside!"

    Strangely enough after that night my brother or I have never had a sniff of bother.
  5. The Oktoberfest mass brawl in Wainright Camp, Canada 1991. 250+ civvies, Canadian soldiers and dignataries versus 250+ British squaddies. All started by an innocent stumble by one of the lads into a lumberjack lookalike. Knew it was getting bad when I spied a trim looking lass in a fetching two-piece and high heels smashing a tray into one of the lads faces.

    RCMP were even getting battered. In the dental centre the next morning (I slipped in the shower Guv) there was a queue going out the door. Two days later one of the lads found a 3" piece of gum with teeth still attached stuck on the road through camp.
  6. The first rule of Fight Club...................
  7. Christmas Eve 1986, Previews Bar in Gibraltar. Elements of Tangier and Holland Company, 1 Queens mostly young privates, ended up in a mass brawl with about 50 locals.

    It was like a western, bodies going through windows, bar stools being swung around heads..

    One of the locals goes over on he floor and cracks his head open. Because of the beer on the floor, the blood spreads like a river.

    "'e's been killed!"

    We bomb burst and leg it. I end up a group of about 6 and we go around the back streets and head straight for the Coach & Horses in Main Street and get a beer.

    Next thing, one of the other lads comes running up the stairs completely covered in pink hair spray.

    "It's kicking off in the street!"

    We dive out just as the civvy old bill arrived. The spicks had ambushed about 10 of our guys in the main street and given them a bit of a pasting. For some bizarre reason, everyone was covered in this coloured hair spray. They'd obviously acquired them and were using them as weapons.

    As bizzare were the ranks of Japanese tourists videoing the action on their suitcase sized video cameras.

    About 8 blokes got nicked and each got a £10 fine.

    No one was hurt seriously.

    Around 1994/95, The Black Watch were based in Pirbright. Although I was out by then, I knew a few fellas so would often go on the piss with them.

    For some reason I can't remember, Combat 18 decided they wanted a piece of them. About 40 or so pile off the train at Brookwood and pile into the Brookwood Hotel Pool room and set about a load of young jocks.

    Whilst it seemed clear they had done a recce they clearly hadn't done a proper recce as the other room contained at least 100 jocks screaming at the Rangers Celtic game in the other room.

    Blood bath doesn't even come close. Civvy old bill just stand and watch until the lads get bored and then arrest all the Combat 18 muppets and not a single troop.
  8. I don't start fights in the street, i finish them :wink:
  9. Quality! LMAO. :rofl:
  10. Bali in Braunschweig, just a normal night, till these boxheads chase a lad in and set about him, so it all kicks off, turns out the boxheads were undercover coppers, cue lots of uniformed with batons, real wild west night.

    Those who knew the Bali, will know how close the main cop shop is, cue lots of their reinforcements. Papers said we put 8 in hospital including a inspector or equivalant. Great till i was arrested and told i was looking at 5 years in a kraut nick, we all had a drink to the German lawyer who stopped the court case before it got silly.
  11. Isnt it about time you did some fighting in Afghanistan? Stay any longer at depot and people will think your only their for the sweet young ass.
  12. I do neither. I'm the one smiling in the taxi ont he way back home, all teeth in tact and one's thread still sharp and clean.
  13. Wasnt there a load of dawn raids against Combat 18 a few years back and a couple of the lads nicked were serving Paras?
  14. just found this on Wiki
  15. You'll never catch me fighting.

    I've learn't my lesson and leg it just as the Police arrive.