Fight club Scotland 2013

It appears that according to the SDSR the British Army's time in Deutschland is at an end. And that the Goverment has decided to dump most of the blighty bound squaddies in that picturesque abode of charming peoples known as Scotland.
Am I alone in thinking this is going to create the most almighty brawling across Caledonia the like of which has not been seen since the thirteenth century.
Just imagine it now Buckfast fueled NEDs and Celtic supporters charging drunk Squaddies yelling "FREEDOM" before smashing up the city as usual but the adding of Squaddies to the cauldron will probably make it more efficient, pad wives will get uglier and speak in a far more hideous language than german, Mel Gibson will probably return to make Braveheart mk II there will certainly violence to keep his todger hard.
And if their lucky the Squaddies may catch a glimpse of the most legendary Peter Dow.
Buy your tickets now.

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