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Can anyone recal that massive rucous in the Sin bin in 1994 on MEDMAN 4. It was 2 Royal Anglians battle group. I was talking about it to my mates and what a fcuking mess that place got into. One of my mates got arrested and deported with a life time ban from Canada. SMART. Also anyone got any funnies about bin bunnies cheaters and the likes. oh yeah the Gas Lamp.


I do remember one in 2002 which closed the highway through the centre of Med Hat one night....Think that might have been the Kingo's caused that one.....
1993 MM3 a Sapper Cpl scored in the Sin Bin during the immediate post-ex drinkies and returned to her lodgings for tea and comfort.

The following morning sees our hero waking up next to his fair maiden to be greated with the words:

"Welcome to the HIV+ club mate"

Cue Sapper removing her left nipple with his teeth.

Banged up for GBH, leaving his wife and kids back in BFG....

Mate that was savage. The girl I mean. We had a bloke who married a squaw. A proper indian wedding and shit with the head shammen doing all his native stuff. Got on the plane back to celle to great his real wife. Never spoke to the squaw again. By the way Jane Goody didnt attend the wedding as she wasnt deamed PC enough. Another bloke got involved in a threesome him and 2 bin bunnies. Stupid Tawt gave them his married quarter address. 3 months later these two lasses tip up on his door step. Wife answered the door. Families officer involved, divorced, half of his pension gone CSA and well you all know the patter. Pads wives that have been in the system for a while dred their blokes going to BATUS more than Iraq and Afgan I rekon.
Med Man 4, 97, Tipped up to cheeters on the first night, One of the guys called Butch fell totally in love with the stripper on the stage and was chucking all his loonies at her front bottom to get a keyring. After hurling his life savings at this bird he ran out of loonies, however in the other pocket had a sh1tload of Dms and pfennigs. After gaining a keyring and throwing half the German economy at Doris, She collects up her tips and makes her way off stage. She beckons Butch over in a seductive way and he bimbles over not believing his luck giving us the thumbs up en route. Just as he gets to her she unleashes a wicked right hook, knocking Butch spark out and saunters off to the changing rooms to the applause of the whole room. Butch took it in good grace and to this day still has Candy Valentine's keyring, He did have a massive fat lip during his time on the prairie, and we all took the pi$$ mercilessley cos he got sparked by a petite brunette


When on Winter repair in 95 i think, one of the young lads got c*nt struck and ended up marrying a "bin bunny" she was a f**king munter and a right bitch to boot!Anyway the poor f*cker was into deep and before you knew it we were in the sin bin at his reception(yep he held it in it the bin!!).
Purely by chance Eric(The crafty cockney) Bristow was doing dome sort of darts show around Canada and he somehow ended up in the bin,Class!!!Eric was mullered drinking the black stuff with brandy chasers all night!!
Neeedless to say the marriage lasted about a week but im sure he had some quality photos from the reception!!


I remember the DCOS BATUS getting a phone call from the manager of the 'Bin demanding payment for the massive amount of damage done to his joint the night before.

DCOS let him know that there was no mechanism to pay but to stop it happening agin in the future he would put the bin out of bounds and stick RMP on the door.

2 days later DCOS got a phone call from the manager begging to put the place back in bounds and to forget about the damage done.

Not often I say this but well done DCOS! :thumright:

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