fight British soldiers and die as martyrs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrBenaud, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. Extremist students are sentenced

    The group have been sentenced by a court at the Old Bailey
    Four students and a schoolboy who planned to fight British soldiers and die as martyrs have been sentenced by a court at the Old Bailey.
    The judge said they were "intoxicated" by radical Islamist propaganda.

    Mohammed Irfan Raja, 19, received two years' youth detention while Aitzaz Zafar, 20, and Awaab Iqbal, 20, received three years' detention.

    Usman Ahmed Malik, 21, was sent to prison for three years and Akbar Butt, 20, was given 27 months' detention.

    They had all been found guilty of possessing material for terrorist purposes.

    According to the prosecution, the group were all planning to go to Pakistan for training before going to fight jihad.


    The Bradford University students were arrested after schoolboy Mohammed Irfan Raja, of Ilford, east London, ran away from home in February last year.

    The trial at the Old Bailey heard that he left a note for his parents saying he was going to fight abroad and they would meet again in heaven.

    Raja had been recruited by the students on the internet - Zafar, of Rochdale, Lancashire, Malik and Iqbal, of Bradford, and Butt, of Southall, west London.

    Raja had exchanged radical Islamist propaganda materials with them before going to stay with them.

    But he returned home three days later after his parents begged him to come back.
  2. I can live with that, even if they didn't.
  3. At least they were realistic in their expectations!
  4. its probably offered as a course at Bradford Univeristy.... BA in Jihadi
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Saying that, they may have got lucky and then I'd have to write another RIP on this site and frankly, I've written enough of them now.

    I'd have been happier with a stronger sentence simply as this case will set precedent but at least they did go down for time.
  6. Fighting and dying is fine with me, fighting and killing is something else.
    Let us wish their mates every success in their objectives.
    Could we offer them employment as Fig 11s?
  7. How about for a sentence for these of not less than 20 years,then loss of citizenship and deportation.
  8. Less time off for good behaviour and they'll do less time than a sqaddie does on a tour in Afghanistan. Not forgetting that they'll probably get help in completeing their studies so they don't lose out on education while they're inside.
    The sentence is an insult to every man (OK o0r woman) who ever served in the British Army. Even National Servicemen gave up two years of their lives.
  9. If they want to die as martyrs then give them some ak's with blanks, stick them in a mock town, send in some squaddies with live ammunition, and let the young men fight the squadies, then they will die fighting British soldiers. It'll be good practice too.
  10. How about trying them with treason and after a fair and reasonable trial shoot the fcukers? :twisted:

    Oh we can't do that now - we (Jack Straw) signed some European thingy. :D

    Seriously though - I was being serious. For your edification I include this

    In essence , without the Death Penalty there is enough legislation in the UK Criminal Courts. However a couple of years for being naughty boys isn't a lot - should be out in 18 months.
  11. Lets say they did fight and die as tartars (whatever) where are you going
    to get 360 good looking guiness bottle virgins from in Bradford.

    My edit. Where do these 72 virgins come from anyway, do they have to be slaughtered?
  13. Fcuk the tents and the Orknies are far too nice for them, they should put them on that island off the west coast where they used all that dodgy radiation and chemicals in the 70's so they'll end up glowing like ready brek kids and make them live off the land.
  14. What has the Orkneys done to deserve these *****ers?


    Not radiation but not a bad idea :D

    On a serious note - Old Winston did not fcuk about did he?
  15. Our prisons are overcrowded as it is. A one day sentence would have been better, 24 hours to think about it then shot at dawn.

    I bear in mind our old UDR motto which was "100% of those shot dead never do it again"