Fight Back Against Ronaldo

Xplosiverab said:
Fifa Young Player Award

Seeing as we all don't want Ronaldo to win, can everyone vote for Luis Valencia from Ecuador, as he's not far behind in 2nd Place.
Why shouldn't Ronaldo win. IMHO he played a grood game and exploited his knowledge of his opponents weaknesses and showed good skill with the ball.

Just 'cause rooney can't keep a lid on his temper, it wasn't Ronaldo's fault he got sent off!
To be honest mate, I've never liked the bloke. I always thought he was a continental ponce even before the match. I also think Rooney was a tube for what he did.

Speaking for the game though, it was bad sportsmanship on both their parts.
On the little story, did anyone notice ronaldo not getting the penalty in the game against france despite actually being fouled for once? Makes me think of a story i heard a while ago with a boy and a wolf in it. I think it was called "Boy and the wolf..."
If Ronaldo is a hounded man after the world cup and considers leaving football for good, I'm sure there are lots of sports that would be willing to take him in. He could even go so far as to enter the Olympics, but which sport would suit him best??? The Syncronised Diving perhaps??
Chortle. Maybe a caption compo ?

Im getting a bit fed up with all this Ronaldo bashing.

Ok neither him or Rooney covered themselves with glory and as a Man United fan im disappointed with their behaviour but come on hes only 21, who hasnt made mistakes when they're that age?

The Engerland mob should just accept that their team didnt perform and not look for scapegoats.
You watch any manchester game and rooney is the first of many who crowd round a ref shouting and flashing the imaginary card over the smallest of things.
As they say, 'What goes around....'

As what was said before, ronaldo played football how he knows and exploit your oppositions weak points. If the ref isnt strong enough to put a stop to it as no current international ref is, it is going to keep on going and god forbid, get worse.
Instead of slating Ronaldo lets have a look at why England did't win.

1. Lampard 199999 shots off target
2. The comlete lack of motivation
3. Crouch being the most uncomfertable bloke on the ball EVER!!!!!!!!!
4 Rooney not being able to control himself
5. Not playing Your fastest Winger i.e lennon
6. Belive bars
7. England expects
8. The English press bumming up a team thats not Really that good
9. Alan Hansens kiss of death the turncoat b'stard
10. They were sh1t
11. They beat trinidad, Paraguay and Ecuador not exactly a great run oh yeah and they drew with sweden.

Now call me a synic but come on guys it's NOT ronaldo's fault now is it
hurrahfortheRE said:
3. Crouch being the most uncomfertable bloke on the ball EVER!!!!!!!!!
I agree entirely.

I didn't like the cunt before mate, any opporitunity to slag him off is a bonus
No mate, I agree with al of your points, I;m not arguing. I though that number 3 was the most apt though!

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