Fifty Soldiers Face Trial for War Crimes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Feb 27, 2005.

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    "Senior officers have told this newspaper that they believe that legal advisers have been "gripped by a distorted sense of political correctness" which has led to an unprecedented number of soldiers facing charges."

    Amen !! This sure would have a dampening effect on troop morale and might actually cost men their lives if they hesitate to act in combat because they are worried about prosecution afterward.
  2. I can think of one possible breach of international law that requires action...someone should knock on the door of No 10 and drag away the Dear Leader in handcuffs, with the Wicked Witch shouting "get orf my Tony, you slags!" :twisted:
  3. Odd, isn't it, that the Government bangs on about the need for accountability, whilst itself behaving in a thoroughly underhand manner in re the Attorney General's advice on the legality of the war.
  4. Why don't the defendants follow the example of the GCHQ translator regarding the AG's advice? Result - dropped case before you can say...anything really!
  5. That'll be this governments 'Do as I say, not as I do' attitude!
  7. Does this mean that we can all go home now? If Lords and Masters can't back us up and give us the protection we deserve for carrying out their their middle eastern campaigns, why don't we all just sack it, and become more like the canadians - only do fluffy ops!

    I am all for the guilty being punished, and for respecting the human rights of others. However, I also subscribe to the motto "better to be tried by twelve than carried by six", but will someone please get a grip of these "no win no fee human rights lawyers" who are costing us money, and ultimately, possibly our lives as well.

    They do not have to fear the heat of a 600lb car bomb outside their office reception.
  8. I have just read in the sunday torygraph that a case in which i am a witness is going to be a case for murder for the guy who dropped a guy who was brassing us up ! winner. we were getting shot at before we returned fire. wtf is goin on ?
  9. Let us know how many journos ping your mailbox won't you 1111? :D

    Guys , this is a hyper sensitive issue, and is being used in election year, to make sure the Army gets back in it's box. Please remember that before you post.

    Just remember, when the announcement is made, that there are 50 enquires pending for 'War Crimes' as opposed to 'Incidents' that they want stories.

  10. So I presume all the captors from op granby, who tortured Andy McNab and the two pilots will be hunted down with a similar enthusiasm and bought to justice. Nah why bother when we can punish our guys instead.
  11. Well since they couldnt catch the rmp murderers hardly likely is it.
    Arab innocent army guilty .New labour tosser :x
  13. As someone mentioned previously, this appears to be politically motivated in order to keep the armed forces under media scrutiny so that anything that they say in contradiction with New Labour will be made to look incorrect and unreliable.

    Smoke and mirrors!
  14. why bother its not like there is goiing to be a coup .though they ****ing deserve it sending badly equiped troops to fight a dodgy war then screwing them if they mess up or and cuting the armed forces further and further.
  15. Because unless they had refused the order to go to Iraq, or become a conscientious objector, they can hardly call for the AG's legal advice to be published as part of their defence? The central arguments of both types of case are completely different.