Fifty Shades of Grey causes work for Fire Service

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    Now that's just hardcore young man!
  2. Am always impressed it takes an entire crew and big shiny truck but then I suppose they all want a look!

    Do you think the Daily Mail has a section devoted to seeing how many time articles are quoted on ARRSE?
  3. That's not it at all. An appliance must be dispatched with a full crew in the event they are diverted to a higher priority shout while en route or after going "available" at the original scene. For example, H&S would have a cow if a two man crew attacked a fire on their own.
  4. You scripted that dialog excellently. Are you sure you haven't prior experience . . . on one or the other end of the phone??
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  5. I saw an example of this in a bookshop yesterday, right at the front; '50 SOG board game'

    I walked on, and remain ignorant of its nature. If a 'party game' doesn't involve at least some chance of Hortense from Accounts being admitted to A&E with a pinched lumbar nerve, rectal spasms and a lava lamp lodged in her seized-up clacker, then I'm not interested.
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  6. Pah! Where's your spirit of adventure man?

    Those Nurses in A&E need entertaining too you know.
  7. Fuck! The image created by your description had me convulsing with laughter.
  8. He's obviously a very conscientious chap. Even when fucking an inanimate object like a toaster, he still thought to use protection. Though I'm not sure a Jiffy condom was the best choice, he should have used spermicidal cream!
  9. Blokes with todgers in toasters? It's usually the women that need defrosting and warming up.
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  10. Or an industrial toaster?
  11. Still only one slice size slots..unless it's a conveyor or wheel type. Then no holes.

    Anyway, Chefs are mostly mincers. ;-)
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