Fifty Shades..Must've been PG that came up with this...

Hours of panty creaming fannylicious fun...

“Hours of plowing like this would leave any girl's open-faced ham sandwich looking like a manatee in yoga pants, and I was no different! After having my smush mitten slammed, he then proceeded to pound my poop chute. Leaving my panties sunny side up on the floor was the least of my worries as his clunger stuffed deeper into my turd-herder. The pounding of my turd-herder was so vigorous, he soon found his love spuds joining his love lollipop deep in my old dirt road. The plowing makes me surge my pussy batter all over his balony pony.”

Fifty Shades Generator | Terrible erotic fiction at the click of a button
ARRSE is even mentioned as an inspiration for it..


You can probably imagine what kind of language is thrown around an all-male office of web designers but even that wasn't enough for this site. We had to scoured the Web looking for even smuttier terms to enrich the Fifty Shades Generator. The real goldmine was @50shadesofshit which had us chortling like loonies with every new tweet. A hilarious thread on ARRSE (british ARmy Rumour SErvice) was a source of many of the similes we use. The Student Room and Yahoo Answers also seem to have a healthy number of dirty-minded scholars.

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