Fifth of Fathers Named by CSA are wrongly identified

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bensonby, Aug 1, 2008.

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  1. Sixty

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    Not sure if it’s inherent in all areas of the law but it’s certainly prevalent in the CSA.

    You’ll notice from the article as well that a man is immediately required to pay up once named whether he’s the father or not. This can only be challenged by DNA testing that you have to pay for yourself.

    Doubt anyone would argue with parents taking responsibility and paying for their children but the CSA’s sledgehammer approach is fairly broadbrush.
  2. You think that the CSA are bad?

    Here in boxhead land they have some really head scratching ideas.

    There have been a spate of "secret" DNA testing going on, the dad takes a swab from one of his kids and sends it off with one of his own for testing to make 100% sure that said kiddy is actually his.

    So there have been a number of instances where the kid is 100% definetly NOT related to the bloke in question and what do the family courts do?

    They make the guy pay for the kids upbringing until the child is 18, reasoning that as the "father" had bonded with the child then he should still pay.

    Now to stop this happening anymore they have just made secret paternity testing illegal, you need the permission of the childs mother to get this done!

    Strange people!
  3. so basically if some mad bint decides to name you as the father of her bastard child then you are stuck with it? 8O
  4. Just make sure she swallows, or takes it up the Gary....job done :)
  5. Ord_Sgt

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    Strange people indeed. I doubt this would stand up in the european court though, besides I'd hoof the bitch and her bastard kid onto the street anyway. I'm so glad I never had kids.